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Meet Liron the creative lady behind our Etsy shop spotlight: HappyLiron. Her shop full of cuteness overload of handmade Soft Fabric Dolls for Girls & Boys.
Let’s get to know her a bit more shall we?

1.How did your etsy story start?

Sewing is my passion, I have always loved the arts and crafts. I used to paint, sculpture and bead, but in 2005 I took my first sewing class and since then I cannot stop,


The dolls business started as a hobby. I love to sew and I love dolls, a perfect match!
Dolls has such a personality, they can look happy, nasty or sweet and its all about the face. I love to use fleece. Its such a colorful material and allow me to go crazy with my designs.

2.What the story behind your shop name?

So at one point I decided to open a business and sell my dolls. I opened my business at 2012 and decided to call is HappyLI which is from one hand the word “happily” with a spelling mistake and from the other hand the combination of the words happy and LI(ron) – my name.


3.Where we can find you?

I can be found on Etsy and on FB

And A special  15% discount on all products using coupon code DODALIRON on her etsy shop.
Love handmade? Shop Etsy!


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