The Emily slouch free crochet hat pattern

the emily slouch free crochet patternbeginner friendlyy by jennyandteddy

Recently I want to create  a slouch hat  that everyone can mixed and match with your everyday outfit for this chilly cold season. So the Emily slouch crochet beanie was born! I made with cotton yarn which  I love. And this hat is so simple to make,  this hat I working n round from top down with mainly one crochet stitch. [Read more…]


Pastel pink twist headband free crochet pattern

easy twist crochet headband free pattern for beginner

This  pastel  pink twist crochet headband will make you guys warm and stylish in this chilly cold season coming,  And with this nice texture will make the end result beautiful. So I pick up the  sweet pastel pink colour to make this pretty  crochet headband and they are make up from very basic crochet stitch like single and  double.

So If you are a beginner , you will definitely can make  this pretty twist headband perfectly. I am using 1 skein of cotton yarn  which is my favorite go to yarn. [Read more…]


Cappuccino frappe wide brim crochet sun hat free pattern

free crochet sun hat with wide brim cappuccino frappe sun hat tutorial

Hi Guy’s here another fun crochet wide brim sun hat just for you, I have 1 skein of weight worsted yarn left with dark brown color So I think it’s would be enough to make a pretty sun hat. The colour of this hat make me think of a cappuccino frappe lol. So the name of this hat was born! [Read more…]


Secret garden wide brim sun hat free crochet pattern

fre crochet wide brim sun hat secret garden how to tutorial for beginner

With the rainy season here , make every so pretty  in colour like the very green grass , fresh air and the smell of the good soil. It’s inspired me to create this  beautiful secret garden wide brim crochet sun hat. So I pick up the bright and cheerful yellow  colour. For the wide brim I using the blanket stitch, don’t get intermediate by the name of this stitch actually this stitch very easy peasy to do for beginner just make single and double crochet  in the same stitch. I first learn it from my favorite crochet blogger Jessica from mamainastitch. She have a very detail tutorial and a video as well. In oder to make wide brim not to floppy just need to crochet the stitch tightly not too loose or use the smaller crochet hook for it , that the trick I often use. Now you know. let get into the pattern shall we? [Read more…]


Sea breeze wide brim sun hat free crochet pattern

Wide brim summer sun hat free free crochet pattern beginner friendly

Let this  sea breeze wide brim crochet sun hat make you guys feel like summer again, I pick up the  sweet candy pink colour to make this pretty  summer sun hat and they are make up from very basic crochet stitch like single and  double.

So If you are a beginner , you will definitely can make  this pretty sun hat. I am using weight wrosted yarn hold double  with small crochet hook size while crochet this way will make the brim not too floppy. [Read more…]


The red riding hood pocket scarf free crochet pattern

12halloween custome crochet little red riding hood scarf with pocket easy free pattern

Halloween just coming around the corner. So I was having an idea for a fun costume by Make this little red riding hood pocket scarf with hoodie hat will be so fun to dress up.

Crocheting a long pocket hoody scarf it’s also a challenge for me because it’s take time and patient is the key and I am used a bigger crochet hook size this time to speed up the process.

I hope you guy have fun and enjoy making it. [Read more…]


seahorse applique free crochet pattern

a seahorse free crochet pattern applique by jenyyandteddy

Crochet seahorse applique is very quick and easy to make and I am so excited to share this simple yet but cute with u guys. I love to make them so much because it very cute  and fast to whip up.

So this time I pick up a cotton yarn for it. I called this “ lovely seahorse”. [Read more…]


10+summer free crochet pattern

10+ free summer crochet patterns

Ready or not here comes the sun. June 21 marked the summer solstice, the sunniest day of the year. Summer is officially in full swing and it’s time to stitch up some fun and colorful crochet accessories and wearables. If you haven’t noticed, crochet has taken off almost everywhere you look. Whether you’re heading to the beach, a festival, or a casual get together, crochet handmade items are a great way to personalize your style. [Read more…]