Sweetberry slouch free crochet pattern

1Sweetberry slouch free crochet hat beanie pattern beginner frendly

Valentine’s day just right around the corner, And the colour of the rose have inspired me and the Sweetberry slouchy beanie hat is here to share. So after I made a Sweetheart fluffy cowl then I have to make a matching hat color to wear together. Crochet slouchy hat will be perfect for any season to keep you cozy and stylish at the same time. [Read more…]


Chloe hooded pockets scarf free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern chloe hooded scarf with pocket beginner friendly by jennyandteddy12

With the oh so popular of The red riding hood crochet pocket scarf so I make another one of hooded scarf. This time, I pick up the perfect grey color to make so ” Chloe hooded scarf ” with pockets was born.

This  is an effortless winter accessory for everyone to enjoy with the timeless grey color which is great for mixed and match with any color of shirt and jean. You will be trendy and stylish every time you pick them up to wear. [Read more…]


Sweetheart fluffy cowl free crochet pattern

1sweetheart fluffy cowl free crochet pattern easy tutorial

Crocheted cowl are one of my favorite projects to make, especially made with chunky or bulky yarn because they are super quick to whip up. I’m so excited to sharing my quick and easy Crochet Cowl called “ Sweetheart fluffy cowl” with you all. [Read more…]


Delia flowers crown free crochet pattern

delia flowers crown free crochet pattern

Here another Oh-so girly girl crochet project for you guys to enjoy, as most girls love love flowers including me as well. Flower crowns have been taking in my mind lately. They are always pop up in my Pinterest feeds. So I was thinking yeah I going to make one! [Read more…]


The Norton men scarf free crochet pattern

norton crochet men scarf free pattern beginner friendly

This time I was tempt to making more men crochet item because I had a lot of grey yarn left over. And in my patterns collection mostly have girly girl stuff which I love, but did not have much manly crochet item, so It’s would be great to add more men crochet accessory that why, The Norton men scarf was born! [Read more…]


Downtown button cowl free crochet pattern

downtown button cowl free crochet patter

Lately, I had seen lots of pretty crochet project with grey color. So I pick up some yummy grey yarn to try out and the Downtown button Cowl was born, They are not only stylish for lady to wear around town, but it’s also a great unisex cowl for everyone. [Read more…]


Lemon drop kimono cardigan free crochet pattern

crochet kimono cardigan free crochet pattern lemon drop by jennyandteddy

Right now I am so into  making crochet wearable item, like bikini top, halter top or even a hood pocket scarf and this is my first crochet kimono cardigan that I have made. I am always want to try my hand on a cardigan. This lemon drop cardigan ,they are so easy, breathable and fun to make also perfect for everyday use. They are made up from 2 simple piece of rectangle  mostly single and double crochet stitch.  I add a little touch of bright and cheerful yellow color around the edge and pom pom at the bottom edge.. [Read more…]


Purple delight cowl free crochet pattern

free crochet quick cowl pattern purple delight

Purple delight  will be my next new favorite cowl to wear and made for family and friends . They are so simple and can be works up really quick  in just 1 hour or 2.  I  love love to work with bulky yarn because I can finished up the cowl so fast. So I end up use only 1 skein of yarn to make this pretty cowl. [Read more…]