The whimsical beanie free crochet pattern

Free crochet pattern the whimsical beanie by jennyandteddy

This whimsical crochet beanie is my new favourite hat right now, they are made up with criss cross crochet stitch that I just learn how to do it. I love the texture that came out of it and the airy gap between the stitch so this is the perfect hat for spring and winter! To keep you warm and stylish. Basicly this beanie made from long piece of one crochet rectangle. [Read more…]

teddy bear hoodie crochet hat free pattern

free crochet pattern teddy bear hoodie hat beginner friendly by jennyandteddy

Who need a fluffy teddy bear hoodie hat? Well I need one right now so I made it for myself in this upcoming winter in Thailand which I hope its will be cold enough to wear them. These fluffy bear crochet hoodie hat will keep you cozy and warm. I made them with fluffy funfur acrylic yarn and cotton yarn by holding them together while crochet it will help you to see the crochet stitch clearer than just using only funfur yarn. [Read more…]

one skein criss cross crochet cowl free pattern

1 skein criss cross cowl free crochet pattern by jennyandteddy

Let’s me tell you guys about this pretty 1 skein criss cross crochet cowl project how it was made. Here the thing is that I was having only 1 skein of super bulky yarn of gray colour on hand. [Read more…]

Puff Stitch Slouchie Beanie free crochet pattern

puff stitch slouchie beanie hat free crochet paattern by jennyandteddy

I was keen to try my hand on puff stitch and it was so easy to crochet more than I think.

I love the texture that came out very pretty and nice. So this zig zag puff stitch slouchy beanie was born. I make this beanie in mix of two colour and basically this slouchy hat made up from a rectangle. [Read more…]

Pretty off shoulder crop top free crochet pattern

Free crochet pattern off shoulder crop top for beginner easy tutorial


Crop top is hot item right now for this summer I am so crazy about them even if I don’t wear them as much but you know just to have them in my closet, it’s make me feel like mmmmm… I am gonna get in shape to be able to wear that and look great in it! [Read more…]

30 minutes Cat ear headband free crochet pattern


30 minutes cat ear headband free crochet pattern beginner friendly by jennyandteddy1

Are you looking for a fun and playful headband to make  this Halloween? This crochet cat ear headband is perfect for you! [Read more…]

Reversible Wrap Around Bikini Top free crochet pattern

Easy beginner friendly Reversible Wrap Around Bikini Top free crochet patternby jennyandteddy

Sea, sand and salt make me think of summer time on de beach. And I got the feeling that  I want to make something fun and wearable for beach girl look. [Read more…]

Flower crown free crochet pattern

Free crochet pattern flowers power crown easy for beginner tutorial by jennyandteddy

I love love flowers. I am getting into you know a kind of boho chic style lately. So I was looking for a Bohemian style outfit and a lot of flower crowns just come up in my search on pinterest. [Read more…]

Boho Chic Flowers Headband free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern the easiest boho chic flowers headband

Oh, flowers, I do love you so. In fact, I’m such a flower-lover that I can’t stop adding flowers to my easy crochet patterns. Seriously, I have been whipping up flower appliques like, 5 minutes easy daisy, pinwheel flowers, flower power scrub and sticking them on everything. [Read more…]

Oh my bikini easy free crochet pattern


free crochet pattern oh my bikini beginner friendly by jennyandteddy

Get ready for the beach with this smokin’ hot easy crochet bikini pattern for beginners! You guys, I am living on the edge with this crochet pattern! I’ve always wanted to try more clothing patterns, but I’ve always been intimidated by them. Well, no longer! This summer, I am branching out! [Read more…]