Sandy Santa helper Free amigurumi Crochet Pattern


Hey everyone! how are you doing so far this year? Christmas just around the corner! So I got this cute girl  doll amigurumi free crochet pattern for you, her name is Sandy. She is a Santa helper. When the Xmas time come around she will be very busy with helping Santa to send out Xmas gifts to every child in the world.

So would you like to make her for a handmade gift to your special person in your life? Or keep her in your amigurumi doll girl collection.

Let’s get ready and make her!

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Amy Girl Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

 Hello friends!


I got another one of free cute amigurumi girl doll pattern for you today! Her name is Amy, she the one that I start to have curly hair in amigurumi doll and of course I love blond hair colour so she came out very petty with her curly blond hair that I love.

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Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Hey there!


It can be so hard to find ways to get kids to eat healthy. I feel like I’m constantly struggling to find creative ways to make sure my son gets all the servings of fruits and veggies he needs.

Kids can be so darn picky. I have found that sometimes, if they don’t know what’s in it, they won’t be as inclined to deny it or complain about it. [Read more…]


Pumpkin Ginger super Smoothie


There’s nothing like the experience of fall. There’s just something about fall that calms your nerves and makes you feel nostalgic. [Read more…]


Emma Sweet little Bear and Emily kitten free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern


Hey there! How are you guys doing? It is November already!

I have been very busy looking after my precious family. I got a new free amigurumi crochet pattern for you again, Woohoo! I am so excited to share this free design!


Let’s meet Emma and Emily. These are the sweetest bear and kitten that I have designed in a long time. I love that they are very easy to crochet but have a beautiful finish. [Read more…]


Refreshing Easy pine apple Smoothie

super easy vegan friendly pine apple smoothie

Smoothies, for whatever reason, are something I’m drawn to, especially in the mornings.

They’re my go to breakfast because they’re quick and not to mention tasty. Outside of that, most of them are great for detoxing and include a ton of ingredients that give your body a boost to start the day. [Read more…]


July income report 2016

Hello everyone!

july traffic and income report by jennyandteddy 2016

I am back here on my seventh traffic & income report. Each month I’m sharing with you my blogging journey to monetizing our craft blog jennyandteddy and all things that I’ve learning along the way.

The most important reason is that I like to share this report is to remind me of what I did to growth my blog  and keep working to achieve our goal ( hit 100k pageview a month).

And hope to inspire you to create your own craft blog.

Let’s see how jennyandteddy did in July 2016.

If you haven’t seen my last month’s report, you can check it out here June traffic and income report.

In July we did publish 2 free crochet patterns.

Nicky cheeky monkey amigurumi free pattern

Polly the baby bear amigurumi free pattern

july traffic 2016


  • Traffic: Users: 40,052  
  • Pageviews:74,380        
  • The links  here may include affiliate links and I may be get small commission when you buy products with those companies. You can read my full disclosure.

July Blog income breakdown


  • MediaVine; 239
  • ShareASale:  40.43
  • Crochet pattern sales: 45
  • Other affiliate sale: 0
  • Written: 25
  • Fiverr gig: 10
  • Direct Sponsor: 60 (side bar banner)
  • Total= 419.43



Total Expenses:7.99



Traffic for July was up from june by 3,712 pageview, and I did made some changed of ads network on June by sign up with mediaVine and they now manage all my ads. I am loving them so far.

Their customer service is fabulous and fast response with email question. They also have a great facebook group to update all thing happen with the community.

Direct ads on blog was a bit low this month this mean affect over all income for July. I try to find the way to increase the sponsor post on my blog any suggestion?

social july


My social traffic “Pinterest still my no.1 referal” This result is from an amazing tool Boardbooseter. Now I am hitting 5.7k follower. I might Write a post about how I love boardbooster and what I did to increase follower.


And I did mention on last month (June) That I had been active on StumbleUpon and oh my word! I am delight with the result.

The traffic from them on June was only 189 pageview and boom ba da bang to 4,477 pageview on July. They are now my no.2 social traffic. What I did is a routine 10 minute every day or two to be on stumbleUpon.


I download stumbleUpon toobar for google chrome then go to my interest is crochet.

Then wait for the page to finish load and read the post you just have to had time to really read the post and give a thumb up if you like that page or down if you donot like it.


Make a list of group page you like it a kind of similar to pinterest board. You can see example what I make in my stumbleUpon page


If you just go to the page and not even waiting for page to load finish and give them a thumb up and move on to the next one that not gonna work, That use to be me in the pass.


The final is my favorite part to add a page to stumbleUpon, I did add 9 page of the crochet tutorial that I love then add 1 page of my tutorial.

That all I did with stumbleUpon.

Hey if you guys try it please let me know how it go for you, I would to hear your result.


Site RPM

  • Our June RPM is  5.9 which mean every 1,000 pageview we make $ 5.9 It is calculated from: RPM = (Revenue / Pageviews) x 1,000.


Our SOCIAL tribe

  • Facebook – 20,000( up 1,091) from Facebook ads
  • Pinterest – hit 5.7k follower (up 5k)
  • Instagram – 1277 ( up 453) yay I hit 1k mark!
  • Twitter  –  13 (I did not active much on them)

That all for today and thank you for your support and being here. I’m love to hear your opinion.


Polly the bear amigurumi free crochet pattern

polly bear1 amigurumi free crochet pattern

Hey guys! I am so happy to be able to share another cute amigurumi teddy bear today. Let’s meet Polly the bear! She is sure to keep you inspire and motivated in this summer season!

I can’t tell you enough how much I love Polly the bear. She used to go everywhere with me coz she so Tiny and small perfect fit for my jacket pocket. I used crochet hook size 1.25 mmm to make her, [Read more…]


Nicky Cheeky Monkey Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern


Nicky monkey free amigurumi pattern by jennyandteddy

Remember a couple years ago I share these two little monkey brother and sister amigurumi pattern?

Well they are still one of my favourite and you can make them to go together with not another sock monkey baby hat free pattern. [Read more…]


June income report 2016

june traffic and income report 2016 by jennyandteddy

I never thought in my life that I would become a crochet blogger, sharing my love of crochet to the world throughout my little blog.

I’m so thankful and loving it.

A BIG thanks to you guys for your support on my journey of blogging. [Read more…]