baby crochet football hat free pattern

free crochet pattern football hat by jennyandteddy
footballl hat free crochet pattern

It’s so cold  here in Wellington. As the rain starts  pouring and the getters overflow.   I sit on my comfortable little corner in  TV room while watching TV programme and start to write my blog post today. Are you a rugby or football fan? If you are please Thumbs Up for this tutorial.  This easy to make crochet hat will keep your little guy warm and cozy in this winter. They can be made into beanie or earflap.

baby football crochet hat free pattern

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Giraffe crochet amigurumi free pattern

Wanna  make cute  Giraffe? This funky little friend is perfect for you! His name is Mr. Jason. My inspiration to made him  was from Wellington zoo. On this previous post.

So are you ready to make him?

giraffee crochet

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pattern sale

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Penguin amigurumi free crochet pattern

Meet Alex! Little penguin. He love to surf and adventure. He practice surfing a lot because when he grow up he want to became Surf Lifeguards to  protecting a life and rescued people.

penguin amigurumi free patterns by

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Frog hat free crochet pattern

frog hat free crochet pattern by jennyandteddy

frog hat free crochet pattern

Is your house full of jumping little creatures?
Perhaps you need this cute little Frog Hat.
Bring a smile today, and put together this very simple crochet pattern for beginners. Dress up your little ones and they will love to play the Frog and the Princess.

frog crochet hat free pattern by

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Easter bunny hat free crochet pattern

bunny crochet hat free pattern by jennyandteddy
bunny crochet hat free pattern

Easter just around the corner! So I make this crochet floppy bunny ear hat free pattern for you guys to enjoy during this time of the year. They will be perfect for your little angel and everyday use, especially in this cold winter season.

easter bunny crochet hat free pattern

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Lucky cat crochet amigurumi free pattern

croct amigurumi cat free patternLook at this cute amigurumi cat! Everyone called him “Lucky” because he love to bring happyness to every place he stayed. He have a  big smile with very shiny face. So let’s grab a crochet hook and jump in! [Read more…]


Little pig free amigurumi pattern

free baby pig amigurumi pattern

This baby pig name “Willy”. He has a little red nose which made from button and small pointy ear. He love to go to school and make lots of friend. Don’t you want to make him? Making him can be fun and take little time. So let’s get start. [Read more…]


Blog button

Hi guys! Finally I got my blog button up, that I always wanted to make them so long.

This is a great tutorial that I found on how to make blog button.

Button size is 150×150 for more size go on my blog button page here


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pattern sale

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animal friends amigurumi crochet pattern, tiger,cat,pig,monkeyHappy crocheting.