mini mesh crochet stitch

easy mini mesh crochet stitch by jennyandteddy

Mini mesh crochet stitch are one of beginner friendly stitch. That I love to use in my mini mesh crochet cardigan because they are just slip stitch, chain2, skip 1 stitch and slip stitch. Yep that how easy they are, and they give the good texture will give the garment the airy effect and loosely perfect for any season! [Read more…]


moss crochet stitch

moss stitch crochet tutorial beginner friendy by jenyyandteddy

Moss crochet stitch are one of beginner friendly stitch. That I love, because they are just single crochet, chain, skip 1 stitch and single crochet. Yep that how easy they are, and they give the good texture will make the garment not too dent and turn them to be soft and squishy. [Read more…]


granny crochet stitch

granny crochet stitch easy tutorail for beginner by jennyandteddy

Anyone is a fanclub of granny crochet stitch?  Put your hand up! I am one of you guys that have the love of granny stitch, They are so easy and my goto favorite crochet stitch of all time and beginner friendly. [Read more…]


picot chain crochet stitch

how to picot chain crochet stitche by jennyandteddy

Put your hand up if you guys are lace lover.

I am one of them that love lace crochet stitch because they so light and airy ,also perfect for summer or even incorporate with another basic crochet stitch to create something stunning garment.

Here they are I called it” picot chain crochet stitch”, which they are made up from chain , single and double crochet. [Read more…]


Critter of the month

I have to admitted that, I’m a big fan of Freebie, dollar store or anything that great and good value, recently I just found great online crochet class on CreativeBug, Have you guys hear about them much?

Found This Critter of the month class.

The cool thing is when you sign up for Free trial, you will get,

unlimited access to over 600+ classes and 1 class free to keep even if you are with free trial!

amigurumi slotted


Let’s me know if you guys try any class of creativebug.


Free Crochet Class for beginner


Free Crochet Class

Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet but have never really known where to start? It sure looks like a lot of fun to do, but first you need to learn how to do it! Some people learn how to crochet from someone they know personally, but what happens if you don’t have anyone to teach you? There are a lot of questions involved here and we want to solve them for you. [Read more…]


Have Fun Mastering Crochet Fundamentals

Elegant home décor, adorable accessories, one-of-a-kind gifts – all these projects and more will be at your fingertips when you learn the art of crocheting! Whether you’ve never touched a crochet hook or you’re simply looking to refresh your skills, with Crochet Lab: Basic Techniques & Patterns you’ll be crafting beautiful custom creations in no time. [Read more…]

5 top tips for crochet beginner: Learning Crochet Untangled

Howdy everyone! Sara  from crochetbusiness is here to  share a great tips for crochet beginner  with us today. Let’s go!

Craft yarn council did a market survey in 2011 and found 87% of the people surveyed taught someone to knit or crochet.
That’s a lot of people picking up hooks and needles. That’s up 7% since 2010. [Read more…]