Tony bear and Toby dog free amigurumi pattern

free amigurumi dog pattern
Hello September everyone! This two cute little dog and bear friends, they always together go to school and play. They are best friend. And you will even love them more because they are both easy to make and free pattern. Are you guys ready to make them?

Finish Size
-Approximately 6.5-7 inch tall
-Size of them may varies depend on size of yarn and crochet hook [Read more…]


The Taylor cap- free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern the taylor cap by jennyandteddy
free crochet pattern summer hat by jennyandteddy

summer crochet hat free pattern by jennyandteddy

Are you looking for a great new Crochet pattern, well wow this one is for you, and best of all free for all JennyandTeddy fans.

Special Thanks to Emona Hennen photography for the super cute photo!

When I was crocheting this beautiful Tayler Cap hat summer was just around the corner and I was thinking this hat will be good for the summer time as its not to hot and lets air in and heat out through its thermal ports and its definately easy to make you can whip it up in a flash. [Read more…]


Bella girl free amigurumi pattern

bella ballerina amigurumi girl crochet doll free pattern by jennyandteddy
bella ballerina amigurumi girl crochet doll free pattern by jennyandteddy

 amigurumi girl doll ballet free pattern

Meet – Bella (the Ballerina girl).
She is one of my favourite amigrumi girl patterns and you guys can have this pattern for free. When I was crocheting her I imagined a cute little girl in pre school who do ballet dancing in a group with their teacher.  You guys can crocheting her in different colour hair and add your own style to create different character even make them a set of friends. This pattern is very easy to make and only needs single crochet.
The thing is that, I love to give free crochet patterns to see you guys make and crochet and share your creative idea from my pattern is my love and passion. Just can’t wait to see your creative twist.
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charlie &Angel bunny -free amigurumi pattern

free bunny amigurumi pattern

If you guys can’t get enough of bunny rabbit, here we bring you more of  cuteness bunny friend they are “Charli and Angel”.Charlie, he is a big brother to his little sister Angel. They always go together to school and plays. Both of them love to adventure all over the world especially Thailand. The land of smile and yummy food! Ok let get back  to making them, they are very easy peasy as pie to make, you guys will love every step to crochet them from head to toe. Some crochet basic require such as single crochet, make a chain, how to join the leg , you can find all of this tutorial in my crochet 101. [Read more…]


Brownie bear and his friends- free amigurumi pattern

free crochet pattern brownie bear and his friend amigurumi by jennyandteddy
brownie and his friends free amigurumi pattern

Meet brownie bear and his friends, that you will love them all. They all easy to make and so quick to whip up.

 brownie bear and his friends free amigurumi pattern


Finish Size

-Approximately 3.5 inch tall

-Size of brownie and his friend may varies depend on size of yarn and crochet hook [Read more…]


20+free easy crochet baby security blanket pattern

20+free crochet easy baby blanket pattern

20+ free crochet baby easy blanket pattern. When we were kids, we were attached to many things. We loved our toys, candy, and playing outside. But the one thing we loved more than anything was our blanket. Each of us had a baby blanket and you slept with it every night. So if you are looking for some baby blanket ideas for your little one, we’ve made a nice list of options for you to look through. They’re free and homemade, because they are made by you, and that’s the best kind of baby blanket! [Read more…]


20+ Owl free crochet patterns

20+owls free crochet patterns easy

20+ Owls free crochet pattern for baby and everyone. Owls are the coolest birds out there. They are seen as wise and to be honest they just look so adorable with their big sleepy eyes. Their large eyes will capture your imagination while they fly through the night. Out of appreciation for this lovely bird, we’ve made a list of easy owl crochet patterns that will have your head turning! [Read more…]


30+free & easy crochet boot cuffs patterns

30+ free crochet boot cuffs pattern by jennyandteddy
30+ free crochet boot cuffs patterns. One of the biggest fashion statements lately for women is wearing boots. But if everybody is wearing boots, then what makes your style stand out? We’re here to help you out by showing you boot cuffs.Crochet Boot cuffs are cool accessories that peek out just above the top of your boots. Check out the list of free crochet boot cuff pattern and you just might change your style. [Read more…]