30+free easy crochet stars patterns

30+free easy crochet stars patterns

free easy Crochet stars patterns

Crocheting can be a very rewarding hobby, especially when you’ve been inspired. We aim to inspire you to start your next project with some teeny tiny crochet stars! Stars are used in all kinds of ways, from looking beautiful to being a sign of things to come. We’ve made a list of all kinds of small star crochet patterns that are absolutely free! [Read more…]


20+Free crochet frozen inspired patterns

20+frozen free crochet patterns inspired

20+Free crochet frozen inspired patterns

Frozen has become one of the greatest movies of the last few years, and it seems like everyone is absolutely in love with it. If you’re one of these loving Frozen fans, then we have a great deal for you! We’ve searched the web and found a bunch of fun Frozen related crochet patterns. So prepare to Let It Go, and start searching our list for your next project! [Read more…]


Milo teddy bear – free amigurumi pattern

freeteddybearamigurumicrochetpattern by jennyandteddy
Meet Milo the sweet and cute teddy bear. This little guy is one of my first pattern that I wrote up. he so tiny and small could sit easily in your hand. You guys can imagine how small he is.

I decorate him with red necklace with a small gold colour bell that make him look so special. He is so easy to make and great for beginner amigurumi crocheter. You guy can crochet him up in a strom.
What are you waiting for? Let’s start! [Read more…]


Rose girl bunny- free amigurumi pattern

rose crochet doll girl amigurumi free crochet pattern by jennyandteddy
rose girl free amigurum crochet pattern

Hi everyone!
free amigurumi girl doll bunny pattern by jennyandteddy

There are so many things I love about my first amigurumi doll designed of a little girl Rose in pink bunny costume. Like, dark brown curly hair and white trim on the skirt And she is also free amigurumi pattern of the month.

In this pattern I use a little bit of funfur yarn to give the doll look cute in white boot and in the edge of skirt ,hat and boot.

[Read more…]


Cupcake crochet hat free pattern.

cupcake crochet hat free pattern by jennyandteddy

pink cupcake crochet hat free pattern by jennyandteddy

Hi Guy’s here comes the cupcake free pattern we are sure that everyone will love this perfect baby showergift!

This delicious cupcake crochet hat pattern is so adorable. One cupcake never enough so why stop at one, make a whole batch to share.

They are so simple and quick to even for a beginner, and a great way to enter the world of crochet. [Read more…]


strawberry crochet hat free pattern

Strawberry free crochet hat pattern by jennyandteddy
FREE Strawberries fresh for the Christmas season. The sweetest little crochet hat free pattern just in time for you to make a hand made gift for your loved little cuttie. It whips up in a flash, and super easy for beginner. Perfect Christmas gift or make one early and do your own personalised photo shoot Christmas Cards. [Read more…]


Tony bear and Toby dog free amigurumi pattern

free amigurumi dog pattern
Hello September everyone! This two cute little dog and bear friends, they always together go to school and play. They are best friend. And you will even love them more because they are both easy to make and free pattern. Are you guys ready to make them?

Finish Size
-Approximately 6.5-7 inch tall
-Size of them may varies depend on size of yarn and crochet hook [Read more…]


The Taylor cap- free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern the taylor cap by jennyandteddy
free crochet pattern summer hat by jennyandteddy

summer crochet hat free pattern by jennyandteddy

Are you looking for a great new Crochet pattern, well wow this one is for you, and best of all free for all JennyandTeddy fans.

Special Thanks to Emona Hennen photography for the super cute photo!

When I was crocheting this beautiful Tayler Cap hat summer was just around the corner and I was thinking this hat will be good for the summer time as its not to hot and lets air in and heat out through its thermal ports and its definately easy to make you can whip it up in a flash. [Read more…]