20+free easy crochet baby security blanket pattern

20+free crochet easy baby blanket pattern

20+ free crochet baby easy blanket pattern. When we were kids, we were attached to many things. We loved our toys, candy, and playing outside. But the one thing we loved more than anything was our blanket. Each of us had a baby blanket and you slept with it every night. So if you are looking for some baby blanket ideas for your little one, we’ve made a nice list of options for you to look through. They’re free and homemade, because they are made by you, and that’s the best kind of baby blanket! [Read more…]


20+ Owl free crochet patterns

20+owls free crochet patterns easy

20+ Owls free crochet pattern for baby and everyone. Owls are the coolest birds out there. They are seen as wise and to be honest they just look so adorable with their big sleepy eyes. Their large eyes will capture your imagination while they fly through the night. Out of appreciation for this lovely bird, we’ve made a list of easy owl crochet patterns that will have your head turning! [Read more…]


30+free & easy crochet boot cuffs patterns

30+ free crochet boot cuffs pattern by jennyandteddy
30+ free crochet boot cuffs patterns. One of the biggest fashion statements lately for women is wearing boots. But if everybody is wearing boots, then what makes your style stand out? We’re here to help you out by showing you boot cuffs.Crochet Boot cuffs are cool accessories that peek out just above the top of your boots. Check out the list of free crochet boot cuff pattern and you just might change your style. [Read more…]


Ladybug Sofia amigurumi-free pattern

free amigurumi crochet pattern ladybug

Brigthen up your summer with this cute Ladybug Sofia Amigurumi free Pattern.Sofia is a sweet little girl who like to dress up and gets excited. She loves allthing sweet, M&M chocolate is her favorite candy she can eat lots of them.
free amigurumi crochet pattern ladybug

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bunny love amigurumi -free pattern

free crochet pattern bunny love amigurumi by jennyandteddy

cuddly bunny rabbit crochet toy free amigurumi pattern





















Hop hop, skip, jump and away! Spring has arrived, and that mean,  I’m allowed to told you guys my secret love of  bunny rabbits!For those of you looking for the perfect bunny-themed crochet handmade  gift for this Easter, what about my cutest cuddly amigurumi bunny love free crochet pattern.  They are perfect fit, as I am sure you’ll agree…with very easy instruction and great for beginner! only use single crochet.

Are you ready to make one? [Read more…]


owl crochet hat-free patterns

free crochet pattern owl hat by jennyandteddy
free crochet pattern owl hat

owl crochet hat free patterns newborn-1 year jennyandteddy


I admited that I am in love with every thing about Owl right now. I hope you guys too! They are so so cute with the big round eyes and it’s even cuter when we wear owl hat on our little one.  So my free crochet Owl hat pattern is perfect for beginner crocheter out there. [Read more…]


Easter chicken crochet hat-free pattern

free crochet pattern easter chicken hat by jennyandteddy
free crochet pattern baby chick hat

easter chicken free crochet hat pattern

Hey everyone, Easter is coming! So today I just wanted to share with you guys an amazing overly cute crochet easter chickchen hat. This hat is so easy and quick to whip up use very simple crochet sticthes like single or double crochet. [Read more…]


Not another sock monkey crochet hat-free pattern

little monkey crochet hat free pattern by jennyandteddy

sock monkey crochet hat free pattern

For you guys who are Monkeys and sock monkeys lovers! This project is perfect for you. Crochet this cute monkey hat with my easy free crochet patterns. Give them as gifts or made them for your child. And have some fun with your little one by dressing him up in this monkey hat. [Read more…]