Easy Summer Crop Top free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern easy summer crochet crop top for beginner by jennyandteddy

Well, hello there, friendly crocheter! I am so excited to share this fun summer pattern with you today! Crop tops for summer are so popular right now – they’re everywhere in the stores and it seems everyone is wearing them. So, what’s a girl to do when she sees something she likes? Make a crochet pattern for it, of course!

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Simple Shell Stitches Slouchy Hat free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern simple easy shell stitches souchy hat for beginner tutorial by jennyandteddy

Slouchy hats are so much fun to make! They can match any outfit, any style, and can be made for guys too. In fact, be sure to check out this slouchy hat pattern that I made for my guy friends too – they turned out great and they wear theirs all the time. [Read more…]


simple knot crochet headband free pattern

free easy crochet pattern simple knot headband by jennyandteddy beginner friendly

Hi! Guys. I am welcoming spring with this lovely yellow headband as it is my favorite color. I was spending time reading my favorite novel in a public park while my sweet son was running around and playing near me. [Read more…]


Easy crochet clutch free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern easy clutch purse ribbed stitch beginner friendly

This summer is all about crochet clothes and accessories for me. I’m fascinated by the possibilities and I love making things that I can use in my everyday life. But, you know what I’ve never made before?!

A crochet bag! How is that even possible?!  Never fear, because I quickly realized that I needed to get on it and came up with the easiest, most adorable, beginner’s crochet clutch pattern you’ve ever seen. [Read more…]


Pretty in Red Button Bracelet free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern prett in red bracelet by jennyandteddy

The other day I saw a woman wearing this adorable cuff bracelet with tons of buttons on it. It was so colorful and cute that I immediately decided I needed to make my own version of it to share with all of you. Hence, the pretty in red  bracelet easy crochet free pattern for beginners was born! [Read more…]


Flower Face Scrub free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern easy flower face scrub for beginner how to tutorial

I have been on a flower kick lately. From headbands to appliques, I find myself working on things that are flower related nearly every week. So, after looking for a washcloth the other day and not being able to find one (I think the washing machine eats them while the dryer eats socks), I decided to make a crochet flower face scrub. It looks exceptionally complicated, but it’s soooo easy to make! [Read more…]


Easy Ribbed Infinity crochet Scarf free pattern

free crochet pattern easy ribbed infinity scarf for beginner

Oh, summer, you certainly do interfere with my plans to accessorize! I love to crochet, but even I don’t want to wear a heavy scarf in the middle of a heat wave. To combat Mother Nature’s affinity for the heat this year, I decided to create an Easy Ribbed Crochet Infinity Scarf pattern that I’m excited to share with you today. [Read more…]


Pretty Ribbed Cowl free crochet pattern

free crochet pattern easy ribbed cowl for beginner by jennyandteddy

You know when you just need an accessory to bring your outfit together, but nothing seems to work exactly as you’d hoped? I’ve been struggling with that a lot lately, because it’s so hot here.

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