Fun&Easy Amigurumi Book that everyone will love!

Hey lovely!
I am a bit late to share great news with you (with all things about family matter going on) That our animal friends and Vicky bunny amigurumi crochet patterns make their way into the publish book “ Fun and Easy Amigurumi ”.

I feel like my dream came through! That I am part of this Fantastic book and with all talented Amigurumi designer.
I was so lucky That Rob Appleboom,  from this amazing 2000 free amigurumi patterns blog, asked me if I have a pattern for Amigurumi book. He planned to publish.

And here we go!
The greatest Fun & Easy Amigurumi book is full of cuteness and colorful with easy to follow for everyone to enjoy.

A Big Thank you to Rob and the team- Editor, book designer , Amigurumi designer and illustrators for all the time and effort you guys have put into the book.
Let’s have a little sneak peek shall we?

Book cover.

amigurumi book 2 [Read more…]

Bobbleheads serve as great gifts!

A booblehead is one of the cutest toys that you can gift to someone. Although there are plentiful exciting gifts that can be found in the market what makes a bobblehead toy special is that it can be customized.

custom bobbleheads can be made of anyone and who would not like to have a cute toy as gift that resembles to him in a funny way? This is the reason they have become quite popular in the market.



Bobbleheads have be present in the market for quite a while now. They enjoy a history that ranges for a few hundred years. Surprisingly their charisma have never faded out as gifts in all these years. [Read more…]

Critter of the month

I have to admitted that, I’m a big fan of Freebie, dollar store or anything that great and good value, recently I just found great online crochet class on CreativeBug, Have you guys hear about them much?

Found This Critter of the month class.

The cool thing is when you sign up for Free trial, you will get,

unlimited access to over 600+ classes and 1 class free to keep even if you are with free trial!

amigurumi slotted


Let’s me know if you guys try any class of creativebug.

Valentine’s Day art and craft classes with creativebug

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Fall in Love with Creativebug Valentine’s Day Classes

Perfect for kids big and small DIY Valentine’s Day Love Bugs class shows you how to make love bugs using pipe cleaners, pompoms and googly eyes. These bugs take no time to make, and are great to hand out as little gifts or to stick onto Valentine cards.

Dress up your desk and make a statement with Gem Paperweights. These cute little trinkets are made from a kids polymer clay, which is easy to roll, sculpt, and then stamp with a sweet message

Spoil a loved one (or yourself) with a DIY Flower Bouquet. Learn how to make a gorgeous composition using lots of different varietals, and the best strategy for working with color. Once you’ve combined your favorite flowers into a stunning bouquet, you’ll learn how to secure the arrangement with tape, ribbon and pins

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Tea collection summer sale up to 50% off


I fell in love with Tea collection clothes , their clothes are colourful and unique. I like that ,Every season the bring fresh designs based on destination they travel to, like India theme, china etc..

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