10 Use Of Coconut Oil For Babies And Toddlers

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As you guy know that I am on a bandwagon of the coconut lately, So here are some of the Coconut oil that I has been use for my baby and love to share from my experience. It is a great fighter against all kind causes of diseases, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. I used it for me, but also for the whole my family.

Here are 10 ways in which I use coconut oil on babies and toddlers.

1.Replacement for the diaper cream. Diapers in babies can cause a distinctive rash on the baby’s buttocks. Do you think sometimes that your baby is fussy for no reason, even when it is nourished and rested?

Maybe you should look for the cause of her nervousness where you least expect it – on her buttocks. From personal experience, I know that in the pharmacy recommend creams that contain zinc, which make a protective layer on the baby’s skin.

Well, I’m convinced that coconut oil is an adequate substitute for these creams. In addition, to make a protective layer, it will help in faster healing, thanks to its anti-bacterial properties. Goodbye diaper rash, hello kids smile!


2.Cradle cap remover. Cradle cap is common in babies in the first months. It is not dangerous, but the baby looks dirty , like she has a severe problem with dandruff.

The layer of the skin in the form of scales is certainly not an occurrence that will amaze the new mom. However, there is no reason for concern.

Cradle cap can easily be removed with coconut oil. Apply a little coconut oil on the baby’s head and let it rest for a few hours. After that, remove the layers of skin from the baby’s head with a light brushing.

3.Teething is a difficult period of growth, both for parents and for the baby. I can only imagine how painful and unpleasant is the growth of teeth through the gums.

And here I used coconut oil to alleviate discomfort to my child and give myself a little rest. Try it! Simply, apply coconut oil to toys that your child uses for teething. This will alleviate the pain and bring relief.


4.Thrush is the occurrence of white deposits on the baby’s tongue, as a result of Candida overgrowth, which is actually a type of fungus.

It is not uncommon for babies to get thrush. It seems that babies in the first months of life have unnecessary layers in various places, from the head to the tongue!

Coconut oil has, among other things, anti-fungal properties. You do not have to apply it to the baby’s tongue.

It can be a bit tricky when a baby is in question. Outsmart it! Put some coconut oil on your nipples before breastfeeding.

5.Baby acne and eczema. Baby’s skin is sensitive and easily irritated. Strong laundry detergents, fabric softeners, dirty hands, and even too many kisses, can very easily lead to the appearance of baby acne.

Of course, you need to remove the cause of acne, but you can also treat them with coconut oil to quickly disappear. Coconut oil is also beneficial for other skin conditions such as eczema. It moisturizes dry skin and eases the sensation of itching and redness.


6.Bruises and wounds are probably the companion of every childhood. There is almost no child who is calm and that, during of researching the world, did not experience a little accident, scratches or falls.

Coconut oil can be applied directly to the wound and help in faster healing of wounds and bruises, since it stimulates microcirculation.

7.Flu in children It is a viral disease that can be treated with the coconut oil. If your child goes to daycare, it is likely that it will experience flu.

Adding coconut oil in a child’s diet can help the body fight against flu. It is rich in lauric acid that supports the immune system and weakens the ability of viruses to attack it.

In this way, recover from the flu is faster. I believe that in the same way that coconut oil can help with most viruses.

8.The insects and the sun can harm the skin of your little one. Climate in Thailand is particularly suitable for mosquitoes.

That’s why I developed my protection system. Coconut oil works doubly here – as prevention and protection against insect bites and the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

On the other hand, in case of bites or burns from too much exposure to the sun, a layer of coconut oil will facilitate these problems. Coconut oil ,therefore, can and to prevent and to treat.

9.Baby lotion. Coconut oil is a natural and harmless lotion for baby’s sensitive skin. I use it instead of lotions that can be found on the market, which are full of chemicals, with whose effects I am not quite familiar.

I really do not want to waste my time on reading the ingredients and researching of their impact on the baby, nor do I want to risk. Therefore, I choose a safe and natural approach.

10.Ringworm is a skin change provoked by fungi. It is easy for children to pick up an infection. Ringworm is spread by contact.

Children may come into contact with ringworm on the playground, in kindergarten, playing with diseased pets, or simply crawling on the surface that is infected.

What characterizes ringworm are round red marks on the child’s skin. Of course, here comes to the aid coconut oil , which has anti-fungal properties.

In fact, I use it for almost all changes that occur on the skin, regardless of the shape and cause.In addition to having countless possible applications, coconut oil will also affect favorably on your budget.

You do not need a bunch of different, synthetically made drugs and cosmetic products for kids. In one package of coconut oil you will find a replacement for most of them.

That is one more reason why the coconut oil became part of my household. What are your reasons?

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