Tophatter: auction review for selling your crafts online

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Tophatter review: As you hear I mention a little bit about selling your crafts on Tophatter Auction in 14 etsy alternative market places. So here we will go for some detail and little review  from my opinion.


What is TopHatter?

 TopHatter is an online auction site for handmade items such as jewelry, accessories, home decor, vintage, and crafts of almost any type.


Listing Fees

 Listing is free, and your auction goes live as soon as you want it to – you don’t have to wait for it to be “approved” by moderators.


 Simply choose the time and date you’d like your auction to go live.

 Building a reputation

 Build your reputation as a seller by selling your items in auctions.

 Selling Fees

 TopHatter keeps 10%, so keep that in mind when pricing your items.

 Setting a Starting Price

 If your item usually sells for $25, try starting the price at $12-$15. Play with it a little and see what works best for you, but I’ve found that starting the bidding price at at least 50% off retail is best. That’s the fun of an auction – having the chance to get items at half off retail.


 Making a profit on TopHatter may be difficult, because you’re selling your items at a discounted price, plus TopHatter is taking 10%.

 Overall Thoughts

 It’s a good idea to try TopHatter out, just to get your shop name out there. Getting your products noticed by a new crowd of people, without having to pay huge advertising prices, is always a plus.

 You may not make much of a profit at first – or at all – so just keep that in mind when trying TopHatter out.

 If you sell supplies, TopHatter may be a good idea. After browsing some threads on Etsy, I saw that many have had success with this online auction site for selling supplies and jewelry.

 Think of it as a clearance sale – if you want to move some items, and move them fast, TopHatter is the way to go. You won’t make much of a profit, but you’ll make room for new products.

 Have you tried TopHatter? Did you have success?

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  1. Thank you for sharing your opinion about Tophatter, I never tried it yet, and its really worth looking out, I will check it out.

  2. Thanks.

  3. Lady Lizzy says

    I’ve been trying it for a number of months now. It’s next to impossible to get anything from the site, be it listing, scheduling or just a basic sale. Everything is “standby” with these people!

    It’s really rough and I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone but super popular/well known shops. If you don’t have immediate name recognition I would not suggest Tophatter OR Etsy unless you are easily able to pay fees(which you named here 🙂 ).

    I don’t hate either, but I would suggest that Tophatter allow “new names” to get higher billings, as the “known” names are dominating and crowding out everyone else…which is a detriment to EVERYONE.

  4. Thanks Lizzy really great info and opinion.

  5. Dear Jane,
    Thank you so much for all of your crochet information. I am learning so much about the craft world! I am not interested in selling my crocheted designs. I think the field is very competitive and it would hurt my feelings if no one were to buy my things 🙁 If I ever decide to sell, I know where I’d go!

  6. I used a quote from your article in my own Tophatter review. Lately positive comments about the site have been very hard to find and I was trying to present the full spectrum of opinions. Thank you for posting about your experience!
    Walt would like you to read..Tophatter Review | Are Tophatters Auctions Worth Checking Into?My Profile

  7. thank you.

  8. Thanks for letting us know this stuffs. This is so helpful. I will keep that in mind.

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