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Hi guys!

I have recently been experimenting with monetizing my craft blog and wanted to share with you some of the programs I have found so far that work for me other than adsense.

how to monetizing your craft blog

Speaking of wish about adsense. Oh! Don’t get me wrong, That I don’t dislike them or anything. I love adsens, however, my blog which focuses mainly focus on crafts project especially, crochet in particular ,has very specific traffic. That’s why I start to look for some alternative way. So I am researching to an affiliate network and found a great one!  

Shareasale is quickly becoming my  favorite. They are one of the oldest affiliate networks around with over 2,500 merchants joining them. There are a variety of products that you can choose to promote and fit with you blog.

 From my experience, a lot of the merchants offer bonuses from 5-25 $$ just for putting up an ad campaign on sidebar or writing a post about their special sale during a bonus weekend. Yes – that’s right, no sale required. I only have to let them know where the ad was placed during the bonus period.

So which one did I picked?

free modern buttercream cake decorating class at

Craftsy! is a site and community where crafty people share craft project , learn about crafts, like sewing, knitting and much more or even  chatting.

I was a fan of craftsy myself (I am sell my crochet designs there) before I even know that they have affiliate with shareasale.

What’s good about joining craftsy’s affiliate program?

– You will earn $1 commission  for each person who registers on the craftsy site

– Get 30% commission for each craftsy course sale

– You get monthly newsletters and promotions, content, and codes that you can use for the benefit of your business.

Read more great post aboutmake money blogging at

 Please let me know by leave in comment below if there are any other programs you use to monetizing your craft blog. I will check them out.

About jane

Jane is the founder and author of she love all things cute, like to baked yummy goodness. is a place where she can shared her easy DIY project, craft, crochet and simple life.


  1. I’d be interested to hear how this works for you. I have no experience but have always wondered how this might work.

  2. Thanks you for stopping by Susan, just check them out you might find great product to suite your blog.

  3. I work with Share-a-Sale too. I find it to be the network I like the best.

  4. Dear Jane,
    I too have a crochet blog ( too have signed up with Adsense; regretfully I have yet to hear from them. Maybe I, like you,have very specific viewers. I don’t have as much traffic on my site!
    Maybe I too will sign up with Craftsy! I just missed the opportunity to be the millionth (Congratulations, Faye!)
    Thanks for the tips!

  5. Yey me too. Love them thanks for sharing your experience Adrienne.

  6. Great to hear that you will be sign up for craftsy they are great.

  7. I’m a new blogger. Thank you for sharing ways to earn money through blogging. Besides earning some extra bucks, do they send you samples of new products/material so you can use them & write a review on their product/service?
    Beady J would like you to read..Let us try!My Profile

  8. no, they donot send product to review, you just write blog post about them or put a banner in your sidebar.

  9. they send you samples of new products/material so you can use them & write a review on their product/service?

  10. mostly not, coz I am far away I am in Thailand. basically just a banner ads or sponsor post.

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