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In my last article, I started you off on the idea of monetizing your blog. We learned the basics of how to make money and learned a couple basic terms you’ll need to know. But that’s not all we’re offering! We want you to truly be successful and so now we’re going to tell you where you should go to try and make that profit.

monetize your craft blog ads network

Project Wonderful (Ad Network): This site is great for finding ads to go along with a crafting blog. On this site, advertisers will
make bids on your advertising space if they see something that they like. The plus side is that you are in control. You can reject offers if you don’t find
them high enough and can accept higher offers!

BlogHer (Ad Network): This is a site to promote those lovely lady bloggers! This site offers the ladies two ways to get paid. You can get paid for a percentage of the profit you make for the ad; you can also get paid through product reviews. Sounds like a sweet deal girls, don’t keep them waiting!

PassionFruit (direct Ad): This site is easy peasy!  Once you sign up, you create an ‘advertising shop’ which basically is to let all those advertisers out there know that you are open and ready for business. Luckily for you, that hard work will only last about 10 minutes. You can then kick back and relax because the app will do the rest of the ad work for you!

Google Adsense (Ad Network): Everyone who’s ever used the internet knows that Google is one of the big dogs, so this option can be huge for you!

 Once you sign up Google will inspect your blog to make sure that it’s fit for advertisers. If it is, then they will go hunting for ads that will compliment your blog!

Chitika (Ad Network): But wait, I tried to sign up for Google Adsense like you said and I got rejected. Now what? Don’t worry a hair on you pretty little head! This site is a great alternative! You’ll definitely get accepted here!

SocialSpark : If you love writing, then this option might tickle your fancy! This site will also have to approve of you site, but once they do they’ll give you a little homework. They will give you a product for you to mention in your blog, like sponsor post and once you do that you will be paid by the average traffic on your site.

If you’re an eloquent writer with a consistent amount of traffic, you should definitely check this place out.

Rivitmedia (Ad Network): This one is another option specifically for you crafters out there. This is an ad network that connects crafters like yourself, so the ads will be extremely relevant to your blog and will add a nice little touch! This way you don’t have to worry about having ads that don’t match your blog!


There you go, now you know the secrets to making a little money. Now true, it may not make you a fortune, but that’s not why you got into blogging in the first place.

Making a little money off your blog just means you can continue to enjoy your hobby and your passion without feeling like it’s a dead end.

Even if you only make a dollar, then hey, it was worth a shot and every little bit counts! Now get out there, go get those ads!

Which ad Network are you using and how was it so far?

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  1. Thanks for the share. Your list has given me some new insights, as I’m currently on the watch for additional ways to monetize my blog. Some other advertising optinos which I use successfully (to some degree) are:

    Google Adsense – I think you said everything here, I do agree with Chitika being an awesome alternative.
    Teliad – Similar to Social Sparks, although the platform itself does offer more variety in what you can offer.

  2. Hi Tobi,
    Thanks for stopping by and input about social spark and chitika, for social spark I didnot get approve because my blog didnot update often. Did you try infolink?

  3. I’ve heard of them but never really used them.

  4. Yellow Ad Network is one of the biggest buyers of interactive inventory on the internet, or any interactive advertising format.

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