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It’s hard to tear kids away from their creature comforts these days. What with Ipads, video game systems, and all other manner of screens, it’s as easy as ever for your child to be a couch potato. It doesn’t have to be that way though, you can get them to lead a healthy lifestyle, and have fun at the same time. Here are some fun activities that get your kids up and moving.
Go hike!
This simple activity can also be one of the most fun and energising. All you need is a good pair of kids walking boots and a trail; then you’re all set to go for a walk. To make it even more interesting for little ones, bring a set of binoculars. You can make a game by having a list of things the kids need to spot with the binoculars, and it lets them appreciate the scenery a bit more.
Go picnic!
Picnicking is a great time to run around with your kids and spend some more time outdoors. You’d be surprised as to how much fun the family can have with only a frisbee and some grass to play on. Plus, since it’s so inexpensive, you can make this a fun family tradition that you do on a regular basis.
Have a cooking competition!
Leading a healthy lifestyle means eating well, and it’s important to have them eat healthy at a young age. There’s a simple way to entertain your children, spark adventurous eating habits, and encourage healthy competition: a cooking contest! It can be child versus child, or adults and children together, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about showing your kids that cooking can be fun and healthy.
Bike around
Riding a bicycle is not only heaps of fun, it also saves gas and is a great form of exercise. Depending on where you live, you can bike with your kids when you go out to run errands. Or, just go for a fun bike ride around the block with them. It’s another way to spend quality time with them, while making sure they get some exercise.
Remember, it’s all about getting your kids to lead a healthy lifestyle. If they grow up being active and eating healthy, then chances are they’ll take that lesson the rest of their lives.
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