April income report 2016

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April traffic and income report 2016 by jennyandteddy

Welcome to April 2016 traffic and income report. This month was the hottest month on record in Thailand-I mean the temperature is rising, my home town the peak is 40 degrees Celsius.

Oh my, how do you guy manage the heat, for me drink a lot of water and make fruit smoothies 3 time a day.

If you haven’t seen my last month’s report, you can check it out here March traffic and income report.  Why do I shared this income reports. Well, just to keep me on track and maybe inspired you to create your own craft blog.

In April we publish 3 crochet pattern

Baby cow amigurumi

Little friends amigurumi

Brim beanie crochet hat

  • Let’s get started April traffic
April income report 2016
  • Traffic: Users: 28,343
  • Pageviews: 54,741
  • The links  here may include affiliate links and I may be get small commission when you buy products with those companies. You can read my full disclosure.
  • April Blog income breakdown


  • Google AdSense: youtube-13.99
  • The blogger network: 183.54
  • ShareASale:  2
  • Crochet pattern sales: 50
  • Other affiliate sale: 0
  • Written: 25
  • Fiverr gig: 4
  • Total= 228.53
  • EXPENSES: facebook ads 30
  • Blog ads 10
  • VA 30
  • Total Expenses: 70
  • NET PROFIT: 158.53
  • Detail 
  • Traffic for April was down from March by 21,814 pageview, and the income was down as well but my site RPM for this month was not much different from March, so obviously. I am really happy with the blogger network. I am now active on Pinterest and spent more time on pining 3-4 time a day.
  • Site RPM
  • Our April RPM is  4.17 which mean every 1,000 pageview we make $ 4.17. It is calculated from: RPM = (Revenue / Pageviews) x 1,000.

      Our SOCIAL tribe

  • Facebook – 18,607
  • Pinterest – 1670
  • Instagram – 91
  • Twitter  –  12

I’m seeing a slowly growth in my social media tribe. I’ve left out with my Twitter and Instagram for now. My focus are on growing my pinterest tribe and facebook as you can see above my expense for facebook ads promote post and page. I really want to do promoted pin on pinterest but now they open for only US and UK country. If any of you have any tips or tricks for me to grow my Instra and twitter tribe, they would be greatly appreciated!


  • Thank you for your support and being here. I’m love to hear your through.


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