May income report 2016

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Hello Friday!

may traffic and income report 2016 by jennyandteddy

Welcome to May 2016 traffic and income report. I am running behind on traffic &income report, so I try to catch up with them. This month was the great month so far.

If you haven’t seen my last month’s report, you can check it out here April traffic and income report.  Why do I shared this income reports. Well, just to keep me on track and maybe inspired you to create your own craft blog.

In May we didn’t publish any free crochet pattern, wish I try to release the new free pattern every month.

  • Let’s get started May traffic

May income report 2016 by jennyandteddy

  • Traffic: Users: 31,953
  • Pageviews: 60,391
  • The links  here may include affiliate links and I may be get small commission when you buy products with those companies. You can read my full disclosure.
April Blog income breakdown
  • Google AdSense: youtube-14.16
  • The blogger network: 271.89
  • ShareASale:  43.73
  • Crochet pattern sales: 30
  • Other affiliate sale: 0
  • Written: 25
  • Fiverr gig: 8
  • Direct Sponsor: 30 (side bar banner)
  • Total= 422.78
Total Expenses:27.99

Traffic for May was up from April by 5,677 pageview, and the income was up as well ,so obviously. I am really happy with the blogger network so far. As you guys know.

I did told you about I start to active on pinterest lately on my April report and oh my I found completely awesome tool to help me with pining on pinterest. And I hit 2k pinterest follower! The tool that I use is Boardbooster, they have a free trial of 100 pin and after that they have monthly plan, I opted for 5$ a month for 500 pin and it well worth it every pennie!

may social traffic

As you can see my social traffic “Pinterest is my no.1” this result from being active on it but my bounce rate still high as heck! Any suggestion?

And Reddit  is no.4,  the result from I purchase fiverr gig to promote my post on reddit.

Site RPM

  • Our May RPM is  7.0 which mean every 1,000 pageview we make $ 7. It is calculated from: RPM = (Revenue / Pageviews) x 1,000.


Our SOCIAL tribe

  • Facebook – 18,909( up 302)
  • Pinterest – hit 2k follower
  • Instagram – 102
  • Twitter  –  12

Overall I am really happy with this month so far and Thank you for your support and being here. I’m love to hear your opinion.


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  1. Just my opinion, found you on fiverr, read your income report, very interesting. Thought i wanted to buy the fiverr gig for promotion, but Just my opinion, your bounce rate is so high because you have way too many popups! I know that’s the way that you monetize, but it’ s difficult to even read one post to see if it interests me or if I want to return.

  2. Thank Khali, I agree with you just got 2 complain from my reader about the annoying pop up ads that cover my content. So, I decide to took them off and now looking and searching for another ads network to working with.

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