6 easy ways to monetize your (craft) blog

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 You have a blog, right? Of course you do, in your blog you like to talk and share about your passions or your creative art work because it’s very important to you. If you are considerate to monetize your blog to make extra money blogging, don’t be so shy about it. You deserve it to find out what you can do when you make your blog work for you!


  • How? The first step to making off of your blog is knows how to do it. There are a several ways! Here we go.

1. Ad Networks: This option seems to be the easiest way to start no work require. With this you have to apply to their networks and if you got accept you will get the code to put on your blog then ads will automatic display. 

You make a portion of the profits either by how many people click the ad or for every thousand who see it. The most popular Ad Networks would be Adsense.

 2. Promote Affiliate products: This is kind of like the supermarket of online advertising. Advertisers will pay you to sell their products on your blog. Like a supermarket, you’ll pick the products you like and want to promote, you’ll sell the products for the brand owners, and you will earn some commission.

 It’s that simple! A great example of this would be Amazon and shareasale. Read more about how I love shareasale.


3. Sell digital goods: Selling digital products, like e-Books, craft patterns, tutorial, digital photo, recipe, audio,,,,etc. Can be a great idea, why? Well, once you create a product then you can sell them over and over again many times.

On top of that there are no hassle free for calculate the shipping cost.

4. Open Etsy shop: Yes that right. If you have crafting skill and creative art work you might off to selling your homemade goods on handmade market place like Etsy.

I wrote a post of 14 places to sell your handmade online.

5. Publish your blog on Kindle: You can also publish your blog on kindle for free and get paid 0.99 USD per subscription for people who want to read your blog content direct on kindle device. Please keep in mind that every blog come with 14 day free trial. Want to know more about it? 

Handmadelogy wrote a great post and detail about publish your blog on kindle.

6. Direct advertising sell: This last one is for the pros! This one means that an advertiser sees your site and is impressed and contacts you directly about advertising. You can gain this if you can really establish yourself in the blogging world. Just let your inner self shine and the offers will come pouring in!

Can’t get enough of this?

Jamie  at C.R.A.F.T and Diane at Craftypod wrote a great post about how to monetize your blog here.



This is just the first stepping stone! Now you have a better understanding of what you’re dealing with. If you feel confident enough you can start your hunt now for advertisers; or keep your eyes peeled because there will be other helpful hints in the next blog post to come! It’s time to get your foot in the door and start making extra money for doing something you already love to do!

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  1. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for all the great marketing tips – love your site! Can you tell me how you got that
    cool Amazon shop on your sidebar? Thanks again for sharing – I’m working on ways to monetize my site!
    Tanya would like you to read..Quick and Easy Gifts to Make for Mother’s DayMy Profile

  2. Hi Tanya,
    Thank for your lovely comment, I just get the widget link from amazon.

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