7 tips: how to hosting a blog giveaway for your etsy shop

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So, we want to hosting a blog giveaway ? and a plus  to get our Etsy shop, blog or small business some much-needed exposure,but you aren’t sure where to start? With the power of giveaway, of course! I do love love to hosting giveaway on my favorite blog or my own blog.

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All most everyone loves free stuff, and if your products are great (which I know they are), the winner will most likely become a loyal customer for life. In the meantime, hundreds – if not thousands – of new potential customers will see your products when they never would have before! Here some tips that I would love to shared.

 1. Decide on What to Give Away

You want to give one of your best products away. Why? Because it’s going into the hands of someone that didn’t pay for it – so they are either going to love it or hate it, but won’t mind hating it because they didn’t invest money into it.

You need to make sure they LOVE it. No, you don’t have to give away your $100 custom artwork, but you could give away a mini version that you’d normally sell for $30.

Choose an item that will appear to many audiences. If your target audience is new moms, make sure you choose something neutral – or offer the winner their choice of something in pink or something in blue, so more moms enter!

 2. How Much Should It Be Worth?

$30-$50 is a great amount for a first giveaway, because that is your selling price, not how much it cost you. If you’re in direct sales, a $30 item would cost you maybe $15.

If you’re an artist, a $30 item would maybe take you 30 minutes or less to create. Think about what you’re willing to invest into this priceless advertising!

 3. Why Not Give a Gift Certificate?

You can give a gift certificate, and that is a great idea – but you want to be sure to include lots of photos of your items in the actual giveaway so those entering know what they could win.

If you’re giving away a $30 gift certificate, post a few photos of items they could get with that $30. Don’t post something worth $300 when you know you’re only giving away $30.

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 4. Having People Enter

The easiest way to have people enter is to either have them leave a comment, or have them enter via rafflecopter.com

You can say “leave a comment after you LIKE our fan page on Facebook”, and that would be one entry for them. However, with Rafflecopter, people are so used to it being THAT easy, that they don’t like leaving comments as often.

Sign up for Rafflecopter (it’s free) and try it out. I bet you’ll like it!

 5. How Long? Worldwide? Help!

Giveaways that run for a week are generally the best, unless it’s a big ticket item like an iPad or $1000 then it can run for a month. Offering the giveaway worldwide may appeal to more readers but your shipping costs will go up. Keep these things in mind when deciding on your giveaway rules.

 6. Promote!

Make sure if someone is helping you with a giveaway that they understand they need to PROMOTE it. Many people will tell you they will host a giveaway for you but they aren’t invested in your business like you are.

So you’ll need to set clear guidelines to make sure they know they have to do their job. In exchange for hosting a giveaway, they’re going to expect a product or payment. Work that out amongst yourselves but don’t sell yourself short.

When the giveaway goes live, promote it on your fan page, to your friends, and everyone you come in contact with online. If the giveaway lasts for a week, you don’t want to be spammy and promote ten times a day, but you don’t want people to forget about it either. Posting about the giveaway once a day is great.

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 7. Have Fun

Overall, just have fun. Don’t feel bad if your first giveaway is a flop. It’s about getting your name out there. That is why I suggest using smaller (less costly) products to give away at first, so you can get the feel for everything. Hosting your own giveaway is great, but if you don’t have a LOT of followers, it might not do well. Consider contacting a friend that has a blog and having her help.

 What’s your best tip for hosting a giveaway?

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  1. I have to say, I’d never run another give away. I’ve held one giveaway and one competition and neither winner even bothered to thank me for the prize, let alone become a loyal customer!

  2. Hi, Wendy,
    Thank for your valueable experience. I agree with you sometime that happen to me as well. But I still like to do or hosting giveaway contest on my favorite blog too.

  3. No cost, no value goes the saying. Sorry things didn’t go well for you Wendy. Jane, I will be back to your site since you will continue to give away things.
    I suppose my suggestion for hosting a give-away would be to offer one of your cute little amis! You can always make more; we’ve all got tons of yarn, don’t we! <3

  4. promote the giveaways as you promote your shop, is not difference, you need to promote and let other people know about the giveaway, here is a link to promote your giveaways

    hope this help
    Thank you
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