Baby Geo 2months

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On May 19th, Baby Geo turned 2 months old!

I thought it might be fun to share baby Geo’s milestones and my diary about him each month.

baby geo 2 months old by jennyandteddy

In Month One:

Geo ate every 3 hours

He went from 3.49 Kilo at birth to 5 Kilogram.

He went from 51 cm long to 57.5 cm long

He loved to be wrap up like a sausage with hand by his side.

He loved to sleep long hour I even have to wake him up to wrap

I did not give him a bath at all at the first month coz he so tiny and slippy, hubby did for him.

He gets the hiccups all the time


Month 2:

He went from 5 Kilo to 6.8 Kilo

He went from 57.5 cm to 63.5 cm long

He started blowing bubbles and start to eat his hands!

He start to smile and we start to trim his finger nail.

We took him to swim in the swimming pool and the beach. He absolutely love it.

baby 2 month ols swimming

There you go Geo diary.

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