how to grow your crochet & craft blog

increase blog traffic & grow your crochet craft blog

I know running a crochet or craft blog is a lot of fun because it allows you to be creative and share it with other people who have the same interests. But when you’re trying to gain more

traffic and popularity to get your audience to grow with so many Gazillion blog out there,  I can imagine you might feel overwhelmed or struggling with how to increase your blog traffic

(Me Too! ) .Your friends and family probably know your website by heart now, so you’ve got to try to  promote your free crochet patterns and attract brand new readers, but how do you do that? 
Well one tip we have for you to try is submitting some of your free crochet pattern tutorial on another website. Other websites that are similar to yours have an established audience who [Read more…]

6 easy ways to monetize your (craft) blog

 You have a blog, right? Of course you do, in your blog you like to talk and share about your passions or your creative art work because it’s very important to you. If you are considerate to monetize your blog to make extra money blogging, don’t be so shy about it. You deserve it to find out what you can do when you make your blog work for you!


  • How? The first step to making off of your blog is knows how to do it. There are a several ways! Here we go.

[Read more…]

Blog button

Hi guys! Finally I got my blog button up, that I always wanted to make them so long.

This is a great tutorial that I found on how to make blog button.

Button size is 150×150 for more size go on my blog button page here


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