Tips for Photographing your Etsy Items

Hi guys! here are some tip for photograp your etsy item. If you sell your handmade goods on Etsy you have a lot to take into consideration.  Running an online business is different from having a retail shop.  With Etsy, the photographs that you post of your items for sale is what will draw people in to your shop.  Your photos have to do all of the work for you.  When people purchase items online all that people have to go off of are photos, so you want to make sure that you are using great ones. 

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How to:Branding your Etsy shops

how to branding you handmade business

What is branding?

Branding is making your mark, making your business identifiable. Usually, it’s a logo, but with Etsy shops sometimes it’s something more complicated – it can be your signature, so to speak. Do you put a sign on each of your designs somewhere? If so, that is how you “make your mark”. [Read more…]

Tips for choosing your Etsy shop name

What is in the name? When choosing a name for your Etsy Shop or Business, it’s important to keep a few important tips in mind. 

How to: 5 simple free way to promote your etsy shop

Hi guys! here another tip for promoting your Etsy shop. Promoting your handmade products is one of the biggest tasks you will face as a shop owner.

  free way to promote your etsy shop

 It’s something that has to be worked on constantly, so you don’t get lost in the sea of other shops. You have a few choices when promoting your shop: spend a lot of time, or spend a lot of money. If you don’t have enough time to promote, you can hire someone to do it for you – or you can purchase advertising on platforms like Facebook. [Read more…]

7 tips: how to hosting a blog giveaway for your etsy shop

So, we want to hosting a blog giveaway ? and a plus  to get our Etsy shop, blog or small business some much-needed exposure,but you aren’t sure where to start? With the power of giveaway, of course! I do love love to hosting giveaway on my favorite blog or my own blog.

Image byMulberry24

All most everyone loves free stuff, and if your products are great (which I know they are), the winner will most likely become a loyal customer for life. In the meantime, hundreds – if not thousands – of new potential customers will see your products when they never would have before! Here some tips that I would love to shared.

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The power of giveaway

Hi guys, It’s Jane here. Today I am so excited to talking about ” The power of giveaway”.

Let’s get start!

When you’re opening up shop, it’s good to know what will make your customers happy. It’s best to know what will keep them returning to your business. No business thrives without return customers. It’s important for us to know and understand this.


How many people like free stuff? Well, maybe the real question is, “who doesn’t like to get free stuff?” The reality is… everybody loves getting something for free, and if you can remember this when promoting your business to make sales, you can spur the selling process. Why is that giving something away for free actually helps your business sell more products? There are several reason for it. [Read more…]

etsy alternatives: 14 places to sell your crafts online

 Online shopping is become more popular this day. As a seller, we are always lookout  for great marketplaces to sell more handmade stuff and expand our crafts business through different channel and audiences.

etsy alternatives; place to sell your crafts online

Sure that, most of us have a shop on Etsy– is one of the biggest and most popular marketplaces for selling and buying handmade products online. As we all knew  great thing about Etsy is community, where crafty people like us go to share our knowledge and idea in many ways.

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5 reasons to start blogging to promote your crafts business

Hi Ladies, I am back!

Let’s start  blogging your way to promote your craft business!

As  you guy’s knew I was on vacation trip to visit my family.

So today I am so excited to sharing the basics of what I have learned about crafting business. And how I promote my etsy shop, crochet patterns and blog.

Let’s get start! First, we talked about blogging.

Why you need a blog to promote your handmade business?

 blogging to promote your craft business

Whether you sell on popular online venue site like, Etsy or elsewhere. There are millions of handmade products out there. So it’s a huge competition among shop owners. That’s why, owning a shop over there is not the only thing, but using the best techniques to promote your shop is the most important part.

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