Hello lovely!

baby 2year old

Just want to share the Happy moment with you guys! Two years when by, where has the time fly? My baby boy turned two on March! I can’t believe that he grew up so big already and I feel like he was so tiny the other day. I still remember that he just start to walk at 13 month and talk at 14 month. Guess what is his first word is “Dog” lol. Before I was very worry about that he so delay on speaking, but, now he asked me everything that he saw.

He bring joy to our life every single day and I am so excited to watching him grow and learn each day.

Happy weekday everyone!

Play time: explore the backyard.

Hey there!


Got plan to do this weekend? [Read more…]

Hello February!

rainny day3

Hi guy, It’s a rainy day  outside, today we played inside.

I brought a superhero model toy for him seem Mr.G so excited to play with them. [Read more…]

Happy New Year 2016

happy new year 2016 by jennyandteddy

Hello friends! Happy New Year 2016 to everyone! A bit late for the first blog post for 2016.

Many of you may wonder where have I been and What I had been doing last year!

I always miss you guys my blog friends and readers. Sorry guys, I didnot update blog for a while.

Well well, Just been busy bee with my little boy. We had a new year party with my high school friends.

We are all grew up and so fun to let’s the children play together, it’s a wonderful time to meet and chat with
old friends and a big mess after party hahahah.
How your’s New Year Party? Did you guys miss me? Please have some comment if you do.

Hello summer!

Hello summer!

hello summer






Summer is here! The month of April is the hottest in Thailand.  We are enjoyed and have a great fun this summer.  Met many new friends. The weather is great, the sun are shining this mean,so many activities that we can do outdoor,  picnics in the park,  go to the beach and the pool. Last week we picnic in the park with family, my boy Geo love to play with the water and had so much fun.

Happy weekend!

Trip with family to strawberry farm in Khao Kho District, Thailand.

Hi guys! We have a  Trip with family to strawberry farm and a beautiful bhuddist temple, with market in Khao Kho District, Thailand. This area is so naturally beautiful and the HMONG(local mountain village people) are beaming with smiles and glowing health. Seems to be a baby boom here such cute kids looking smart and vibrant. Must be all the natural home grown organic food. [Read more…]

Baby G 9 months

baby 9months 2 front teethby jennyandteddy

Hi guys! Just a little update on our Baby G is now 9 months old  weight 9 kilogram yay! Got his two front teeth just in time for Christmas. Warning never feed a baby chocolate from your fingers. When they have teeth the bite can really hurt. Hehe.

baby 9 month weight 9 kilo

Merry X’mas everyone!

Dinosaur and Elephant Park in Phitsanulok, Thailand

children having fun at the park

Dinosaur and Elephant Park in Phitsanulok, Thailand

This weekend the weather is looking great, so its time for a mini adventure.

Family packed like sardines into our little car we hit the road for a 30 minute drive to a new experience. Todays were off to The Dinosaur Park, where we are guaranteed to experience giants of Jurasic times full life scale. And the rumor is we might even be able to swim with elephants at the same time. [Read more…]

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