10 Use Of Coconut Oil For Babies And Toddlers


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As you guy know that I am on a bandwagon of the coconut lately, So here are some of the Coconut oil that I has been use for my baby and love to share from my experience. It is a great fighter against all kind causes of diseases, including viruses, bacteria and fungi. I used it for me, but also for the whole my family. [Read more…]

Fever Is Our Friend?

fever is our friend.

To be honest, I’m one of those parents who turn on the button for worry when I feel that little Geo’s hug is warmer than it should be.

I can feel that my 14 month old baby has a fever without a thermometer. Of course, before I really start to worry, I check if my instincts cheat me and measure the temperature. [Read more…]

Does Your Baby Need Soap or Shampoo

Does baby need soap or shampoo


Like most of you, when it comes to baby care products, I pick the ones that are gentle for  the baby’s sensitive skin and which give a good value for money.

I do not know about you, but I always pay attention and read ingredients in baby care product before I buy it. And I always find a lot of alien ingredients – chemicals with long, strange names about which I do not know anything. [Read more…]

50 Ways To Use Coconut Oil


50 Ways To Use Coconut Oil by jennyandteddy

Life in Thailand has many advantages. Among them is the fresh young coconut that easy to find. When I heard people talked about how much they love to use coconut oil for their skin and more.

I was curious and interested, so after done some more research and research about the benefit of Coconut oil. I fall in love with them and they has been on my everyday use lately. [Read more…]

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