5 popular place to find sponsor post for your blog

Make money blogging by getting sponsor post is one of a great way that will not fill up your sidebar with google ads. If you are a newbie and already build up some traffic.
And do not know where to start? Here’s some great website that I found and experience used them to connect my blog to the sponsor.
Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!This is one of the most popular sponsor websites. Social Spark, they are connects advertisers and blogger.You are paid to write sponsored post. . How it works when you sign up for socialspark and get verify Google Analytics for your blog, then submitted for review and you wait to see if your blog gets approved. If your blog is approved, You can browse what company to work for through Social Spark’s platform, if you are interested in their campaign then you will apply or bid for the price per post. Some time they will send you a lead by advertiser. You will get paid by earn points for your sponsored post which can be redeem through PayPal. [Read more…]

monetize your craft blog: Ad network

In my last article, I started you off on the idea of monetizing your blog. We learned the basics of how to make money and learned a couple basic terms you’ll need to know. But that’s not all we’re offering! We want you to truly be successful and so now we’re going to tell you where you should go to try and make that profit.

monetize your craft blog ads network [Read more…]

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