Fun&Easy Amigurumi Book that everyone will love!

Hey lovely!
I am a bit late to share great news with you (with all things about family matter going on) That our animal friends and Vicky bunny amigurumi crochet patterns make their way into the publish book “ Fun and Easy Amigurumi ”.

I feel like my dream came through! That I am part of this Fantastic book and with all talented Amigurumi designer.
I was so lucky That Rob Appleboom,  from this amazing 2000 free amigurumi patterns blog, asked me if I have a pattern for Amigurumi book. He planned to publish.

And here we go!
The greatest Fun & Easy Amigurumi book is full of cuteness and colorful with easy to follow for everyone to enjoy.

A Big Thank you to Rob and the team- Editor, book designer , Amigurumi designer and illustrators for all the time and effort you guys have put into the book.
Let’s have a little sneak peek shall we?

Book cover.

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what I am reading tonight

Hi guys, have you ever heard of this book before? Go the F**k to Sleep from Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortez. I got this book a week ago and start to reading ,It’s make me laughed so hard and smile. I love to read this book before I going to bed because It’s very relaxing.The pictures are beautiful too.

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