Trip with family to strawberry farm in Khao Kho District, Thailand.

Hi guys! We have a  Trip with family to strawberry farm and a beautiful bhuddist temple, with market in Khao Kho District, Thailand. This area is so naturally beautiful and the HMONG(local mountain village people) are beaming with smiles and glowing health. Seems to be a baby boom here such cute kids looking smart and vibrant. Must be all the natural home grown organic food. [Read more…]

Our Road Trip – Yee Peng Festival, Chiang Mai Thailand

Hi Guys, just have to share our little Road Trip to the Chiang Mai  YEE PENG or Yi Peng Floating Lantern Festival with you all. 

You might have heard about it, its so much fun. It’s just one of those thing you have to do once in your life.


 Checking our favourite forum we discovered that tomorrow 400km away there would be the Yee Peng Festival of Floating Hot Air Lanterns. Over 10,000 lanterns would be released in unison as part of a Buddhist Ceremony to mark the 2nd Full Moon of the Year. [Read more…]

The great holiday escape: Koh Samet Thailand

The greatest holiday escape in my memory was Koh Samet island Thailand. Koh Samet was a perfect for our holiday destination because not to far from bangkok, only took 2 and a half  hour or less if you drive or if we go by bus  took around 3 hour from bangkok.

Samet located 200km south east of Bangkok the T Shaped Island of Koh Samet, is renowned for its colourful coral gardens, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters.

[Read more…]

Thailand trip part 2

Hi everyone! Today I will take you to visit Phetchabun province which located 346 kilometres from Bangkok, Phetchabun borders on three regions, the North, the Central and the Northeast. From( Wikitravel ).

 It’s a day trip for me because they are very close to Phitsanulok’s my home town. [Read more…]

Thai trip part 1:Sukhothai Historic Park

Hello, from Thailand!

Did you guys miss me? I am doing fine and thank you so much for sending your kind thought through out the email.

So today I will take you to visit the first capital city of Siam Kingdom between the mid 13th and mid 14th century AD, called Sukhothai Historic Park.

sukhothai historic park

[Read more…]

My little trip

Hello friends,

I am off for a trip to Thailand in a couple day, hooray! The land of smile where I was born and raised. This trip mainly to visit my family especially my mom. She not too well.

Most of my time in Thailand will spend in my home town called Phitsanulok. So for

My etsy shop will be on vacation mode for a while until I come back. You can still get my patterns on craftsy (just search for my shop name jennyandteddy). They are instant download.

I cann’t wait to show you  my family and city.

What is your favorite thing to do  in Thailand?

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