Does Your Baby Need Soap or Shampoo

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Does baby need soap or shampoo


Like most of you, when it comes to baby care products, I pick the ones that are gentle for  the baby’s sensitive skin and which give a good value for money.

I do not know about you, but I always pay attention and read ingredients in baby care product before I buy it. And I always find a lot of alien ingredients – chemicals with long, strange names about which I do not know anything.

It aroused my curiosity and forced me to research. I found out that they are actually harmful to our child!  Makes you think , Huh? And did you know that our skin can absorb these chemicals!

What??? Yes, that’s right! It has been scientifically proven in this study: “Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream, causing toxic effects,” says the Extension Toxicology Network (EXTOXNET).

Most parents I know, bathes babies every night before bedtime. That’s fine, but do babies really need doses of harmful chemicals before bedtime, or the water is enough? I only bathe my baby with the water.

While I researched, I found out which harmful chemicals are an integral part of almost every shampoo and soap for babies. These are some of them:

5 chemical to avoid in baby product by jennyandteddy

1.Fragrances are all those beautiful and gentle smells that I like in babies. Unfortunately, during exploring I found out that under this name are hidden different substances , that are added to baby products for a better smell. Most of them are of synthetic origin, derived from coal and petroleum. Well, honestly, I really would not like to bathe my baby in these sources. Especially now when I know about some studies which have shown that fragrance can cause health problems, ranging from allergies and irritations, over respiratory problems and asthma to cancer.I decided to withhold my baby these scents and provide him better health.


2.Parabens are a part of almost any soap and shampoo for babies.When reading labels, I have never found parabens in the ingredients. I found out that they are hiding under various methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-…and similar terms that actually make parabens. Why are they harmful? They say that even small doses of parabens can lead to changes in reproductive health, hormonal changes, and that they are also associated with the emergence of breast cancer.It made me wonder – to what amount of parabens I expose my child with daily shampooing? Is that really necessary that my child be clean? No, I’m not kicked everyday bathing from our routines, but I use only water for bathing.


3.Triclosan can be found in nearly all antibacterial products for babies. Like most parents, I want to protect my child from possible bacterial infection. But actually, antibacterial soap is more harmful than bacteria from which I can expose my kid. That’s why I stopped using soap for bathing. When the baby is very dirty, I use only organic soap that is a 100 % natural origin. It is a better option, especially when I found out that Triclosan may cause allergic reactions, that it can be a hormone disruptor and affect reproductive health.Bacteria are part of our lives, and the skin of my child must learn to live with them and to adjust. Antibacterial soaps will not help my child to develop immunity to the bacteria.


4.Mineral oil can be found in almost every baby oil. I am not a supporter of the frequent use of baby oils. And since I know that mineral oils are a petroleum product – I avoid them completely. When you put on your baby’s skin these oils, they clog pores and disable normal skin breathing , absorption and cell renewal. It seems that the oil will provide elasticity and moisture to the skin. Actually, the skin of your child will start to age prematurely. So, if my baby’s skin is very dry, I use coconut oil.It provides moisture, but allows the skin to breathe.


5.Propylene glycol can be found in baby wipes. A long time ago, I parted from the idea that they can replace water and bathing. Propylene glycol has a role to open the pores on the skin. Probably you think, as I do, that it is exactly what is necessary for a thorough cleansing of the skin – open pores! That may be true. However, I found out that brain diseases, liver and kidney failure go gratis in the package with it.No thanks, nothing can replace good clean water and a cotton cloth! If my baby is really dirty, I take off the dirt rubbing it with a moist cloth.All these bad health effects you will not notice overnight. They will be developed slowly and you may never find them attributed to the way of bathing. I have decided not to risk it and not to gamble with the health of my child. I bathe my baby only with water. It is enough to remove impurities from a baby.

toxic chemical in baby wipes

A baby’s skin has natural oils, which have a protective role. I chose to listen to nature and not to rinse them with artificial products!

Of course, sometimes the water is not enough and the use of soap is really necessary. In this case, I use organic soap. Instead of baby lotion, when necessary, I put on my baby extra virgin coconut oil. I use it also if the baby has a diaper rash, as well as for any kind of changes in the skin of my child.


So, the water is enough for my baby to be healthy and clean. Especially if bathing became daily routine before bedtime.In my case, it works perfectly! The baby is clean, but without harmful artificial scents. That does not make it less sweet, and certainly makes it healthier.

baby bath1

How do you bath your baby or child? What do you think that just water will be clean enough? Please, Share your thought.

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