Etsy shop spotlight: ArtPrintsLab

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Meet Stefani the talent lady behind ArtPrintsLab on Etsy! Her etsy shop full of  craft unique handwritten fonts. cutting files, svg files, eps files free for personal and commercial use. Home decor, wall art, rooms decor, nursery print, kids printables, cartoon prints, wall art images you can download and use instantly.


Let’s get to know her more shall we?

1 . tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop?

I am a photographer and graphic designer. I love to travel and capture the “right moment” in the World’s beautiful places. Also I love cartoon characters that’s why I made my online store with them.
2 .how did your etsy story start?

All my friends are web masters and they ask me everyday to make for them .svg files, fonts, prints and more. I start to make them and get little amount of money, to get one coffee for my work. 😀 90% of the digital files are very cheap.
3. what the story behind your shop name?

I love science – I love art. So when I combine them it gets – ArtPrintsLab. Haha!

4 .what the most important thing you have learned as an etsy seller so far?

Be kind to customers! Sometimes people who buy from my shop just starting to work with my files. They have wrong settings on the software or they are not really sure how to open them. Customers get scared the file is bad and react on instinct – attack mode. I try to help them out to find what it’s the problem and they get happy after it.
5 .where we can find you?

Website on etsy : ArtPrintsLab
Second shop:

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