Etsy shop spotlight: BeTheOriginal

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Meet Dina, our talent lady behind BeTheOriginal etsy shop. Her shop full of cuteness overload of modern handmade home décor, accessories and more.
Let’s get to know her shall we?
1.tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop
Hello, my name is Dina. I love to design, to create and work with my hands, my little business gives me the chance to do just that. It is a lot of fun and a true blessing for me.

il_570xN_1016291781_9s8y did your etsy story start
A life of arts and crafts have been in my nature since I was a little girl. After the birth of my nephews, my passion for children’s items, accessories and home décor grew more fierce.
I love to create beautiful things that make my customers happy. This is not just a job for me. It is my passion

3.where we can find you

Find my shop on etsy here BeTheOriginal

Check them out and love it!

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