Etsy shop spotlight: RhymeshopPoems

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Meet Felicia the creative lady behind our Etsy shop spotlight:  RhymeshopPoems. Her shop full of fun and touching poems kids and adults will love!
Let’s get to know her a bit more shall we?


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your shop?

My father was a great poet and gave me the gift of rhyme from the time I could speak. I constantly wrote little
poems for my relatives and friends.

When I was ll at sleep away camp the counselors were struggling to come up with a new camp song and mine was lucky enough to be chosen.

I wrote a bunch of songs, too, which were performed in cabarets.

Life got in the way and I never pursued my songwriting career but I did get a write up in the New York Times telling about my poems.

Soon I was being contacted by people from all over who ordered poems from me. I’ve written toasts and tributes for many occasions . My shop contains some of my favorite poems that are appropriate for young and old alike. Kids LOVE them

2. How did your etsy story start?

Then, when I got a nice write-up in the New York Times mentioning that I wrote custom written poems for individuals and companies wanting to honor someone, people began ordering and my business, Rhymeshop, was born.

There was no internet yet, but when it came along it certainly made things easier.

When my blog got hacked, though, someone suggested ETSY so here I am, starting over. Hope being technically challenged isn’t too much of a problem!

3. What the story behind your shop name?

My shop name, Rhymeshop Poems seemed to me to say exactly what I sell there.

4. What the most important thing you have learned as an etsy seller so far?

The most important thing I have learned as an etsy seller so far is how little I know about marketing!
I need to learn Instagram, pintrest and facebook! I have my work cut out for me!

5. Where we can find you ?

Find me on Etsy RhymeshopPoems.

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