Etsy shop spotlight: StyleHungry

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handmade nursing necklace

Meet Mallory the creative lady behind our Etsy shop spotlight  StyleHungry. Her shop full of pretty item of Jewelry for stylish mamas and their  babies , especially necklaces are designed  for  mommy  who may be breastfeeding, Each necklace features a combination of natural untreated wood beads, crochet beads and/or high quality food-grade BPA- phthalate- lead-free silicone beads offering different textures for little hands and mouths to explore.

Let’s get to know her a bit more shall we?

1.How did your etsy story start?

I am a Montessori preschool teacher and Mom of a two year old boy. While I was pregnant, I couldn’t find a teething necklace with all of the elements I was looking for.

My husband and I decided that we’d try to make necklaces with different textures, and materials to both help our child relieve some of their teething pain as well as get exposure to different sensory items.

We use unfinished wood, food grade silicone, and crocheted covered wood for our necklaces. Last year, we thought other people would be looking for something similar.

teething necklace handmade organic

2.What the story behind your shop name?

The name of our shop came up while we were walking along the water here in Maine. We were talking about what we could call the business.

My husband mentioned that many people had told us the necklaces were “Stylish” so we started working stylish into a name. We came upon a restaurant and my husband asked if I was hungry and wanted to eat; Style Hungry popped into my head and it works because of the nature of the product (teething necklaces) and bringing style to the marketplace.

handmade nursing necklace etsy

3.What the most important thing you have learned as an etsy seller so far?

I think the most important thing I have learned as an Etsy seller so far, is that there are so many stores out there selling similar products.

With that in mind, you have to highlight your product’s unique qualities and market yourself effectively. We had sold a lot of necklaces at baby fairs and other shows, where we were the only ones selling the teething necklaces.

When you put yourself up against people from all over the world, it’s hard to stand out. We try to use different patterns and colors to appeal to people with different tastes.

teething handmade nursing necklace

4.Where we can find you?

You can shop with us at: StyleHungry on Etsy

Or find us on facebook at:

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