How to: 5 simple free way to promote your etsy shop

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Hi guys! here another tip for promoting your Etsy shop. Promoting your handmade products is one of the biggest tasks you will face as a shop owner.

  free way to promote your etsy shop

 It’s something that has to be worked on constantly, so you don’t get lost in the sea of other shops. You have a few choices when promoting your shop: spend a lot of time, or spend a lot of money. If you don’t have enough time to promote, you can hire someone to do it for you – or you can purchase advertising on platforms like Facebook.


If you don’t have the budget to pay big bucks for advertising, you’re going to have to invest your time. This article will help you with ideas on how to promote your shop on a budget. Remember, this is your shop… it’s your investment.


Creating a blog and sharing tips and tricks is a great way to promote yourself! If you sell make up, create a blog with beauty tips. Advertise by posting the articles on your fan page, and Pinterest. Do makeup looks and pin those as well.


Commenting on other blogs is a quick way to promote your own business. Do NOT spam other blogs. Do NOT ask people to visit your shop. Simply comment, with something genuine about how you like their article, blog, or product. They will find their way back to your shop or blog – I promise.

Reviews or hosting a giveaway with Bloggers

Most Bloggers are more likely to review your products for free or fee – the only cost to you is your time and cost of supplies.

A review or giveaway are simple and a great way to advertise. You send the blogger your item (usually an item that is your BEST, because you always want to promote your best), they write a post about what they loved about it (be careful – some will also write what they do NOT like), and they advertise via social media for you.

 Then you can say you were featured on their blog, and you can send those posts out as testimonials for your shop.  See 7 tip for hosting a  giveaway


Join the Etsy forums! Watch a little before you comment, and then jump right in. Every time you post something, you’re advertising for your shop!

promote your handmade through social media

Social Media

Promoting your business on social media is free and easy. Don’t be spammy, though. Be helpful.

How do YOU promote your etsy shop?

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  1. Hi I love your site. Your site is where I first discovered that you can make a doll with crochet! thank you for sharing your talent to people.
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  2. thank you for stopping by.

  3. There is a new tip for etsy shop promotion –
    TreasuryPromo is an Etsy treasury exchange network! It is like a big treasury team, but they do not have a limit for the number of treasuries to be made per month. You can create treasuries whenever you want and earn karma points that way! Also you don’t need to notify shops for including them in your treasuries, because if you make treasuries, you will be in treasuries!

  4. Thanks for sharing those info Janis, I will check it out.

  5. Nice article, thanks for the tips, though i find having great handmade items with good photos is the best way to get sales. Don’t worry too much about promoting if you don;t have your products figured out yet. But when you do then, yes promote. Though don’t pay too much for ads. One place I found that drives lots of traffic to my site for relativly cheap is

    so yeah remember first you have to make it, then you get to sell it!
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  6. Hi Erik thanks for the useful info.

  7. Thank you Jane for the helpful hints and tips. We all know that promoting our Etsy shops is trial and error but your recommendations are wonderful! thanks and love your shop!!!

  8. your welcome.

  9. Great article, I always looking for more tips for promotion, Thank you!

  10. this is awesome thanks :o)

  11. Thanks for stopping by Rose.

  12. Thank you for sharing your tips! Definitely going to keep them in mind to continue to promote my Etsy shop! -Chelsea from ChelDesigns

  13. Thank you for sharing,, i find it helpful

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