How to:Branding your Etsy shops

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how to branding you handmade business

What is branding?

Branding is making your mark, making your business identifiable. Usually, it’s a logo, but with Etsy shops sometimes it’s something more complicated – it can be your signature, so to speak. Do you put a sign on each of your designs somewhere? If so, that is how you “make your mark”.

Your brand is what shows people that they’ve found the right place when looking for you – they see the  jennyandteddy, for example, and just know. Using your logo as your brand is a good idea, because it keeps things simple.


Branding is an identifiable mark of ownership that you apply to your shop, product or blog.

It probably includes your logo but it can also be something relateable to style, like a signature design or color palette.

Your brand can be included on your business cards, packaging, your blog or shop header, through your product photography, a newsletter, etc. Your brand is something that when people see it, they instantly recognize the product as YOURS.

How to brand your shop

When branding, you need to include your signature or logo on everything. I’m talking designs, tags, business cards, packaging, shipping labels, your shop header, your Twitter background, and more.

It’s expensive if you have to pay someone to help you brand your business, but most things you can do on your own. You may need to hire someone to create a logo, but beyond that you can keep the theme the same on everything so you don’t have to fork out an arm and a leg for it.

Use your logo (or signature) on all of your business items – get your name out there by helping people remember you! The name of a shop is almost impossible to remember, because everyone has a shop these days.

Be unique, stand out, be yourself! That is the best way to brand your Etsy shop.

How did you brand your Etsy shop?

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  1. I created a website/ blog and use my first name. But I’m still learning blogging, believe me! That’s my shop name, but my URL is different, Has my first and last in my domain name. I hope this is a good idea? Could you please email me and give me a few tips? And. I learned a lot on how to take pictures of my crocheted animals, once get a few made. Thanks.

  2. Hi wade, I will write some more tip about it. stay tune.

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