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Hello, friends.
This is just a quick post to let you know that the patterns sale for 0.99 USD on kindle will be end on Friday   6 th of August this week. And I also add  some more popular patterns.

Rose pattern here

Emma and Emily pattern here

Little friend pattern here

Bella pattern here

Happy crochet.
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Jane is the founder and author of she love all things cute, like to baked yummy goodness. is a place where she can shared her easy DIY project, craft, crochet and simple life.


  1. Your creations are overwhelmingly cute 🙂


  2. çok sevimliler..

  3. Your creations are amazing!!! I would like to invite you to my blog

  4. Learned to make the fish it is so funny and so easy.wanted to make the seahorse but i touched something
    on my e-pad and it left and can’t find it. where do you think i can go to to get it again.
    I am a beginner of 82 years old.
    Thanks again and help, Dina

  5. Hi Dina,
    I am glad you like the fish applique pattern unfortunately I did make the pattern for seahorse sorry. Maybe you can find it on youtube.

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