my weekend: Botanic garden

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As I wake up and see the beams of bright light streaming in the gaps of my bedroom curtains, I pull the Duvet off my husband and whisper “wake up my honey bunny”, we’re going on an adventure!”


Pushing Mr.Teddy into a hot shower I prepare a piping hot cup of tea and a throw a camera and some chocolates into my adventure bag.

Pulling my big boys scarf I drag him down the stairs and out the front door. Calling every turn to keep the surprise, It’s a quick drive and then we reach our destination.

As the warm sunshine beamed down over the green covered trees, we filled up on freshly made oxygen and enjoyed the natural beauty that surrounded us in the Wellington Botanical Gardens.


Happy Weekend every one!

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  1. Beautiful! =)
    Hannah would like you to read..Gloomy Bear Pattern (Version 1)My Profile

  2. MarieAnge says

    Hi Jenny,
    I went to get my free pattern but was told that because I’m in Canada, I cannot get your pattern from 🙁 I was looking forward to making that super cute hat for my grandson! 🙁

    Have a great weekend!

  3. maybe register with and try.

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