vicky bunny-free amigurumi pattern 48 hr only.

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free amigurumi bunny rabbit pattern small tiny by jennyandteddy

Bunny are one of my favorite animal of all time that why we here to make you fall in love with cute and tiny bunny her name is “Vicky” . She love all thing sweet especially  jelly bear. You can crochet her up so quick coz she so tiny and small perfect fit on your hand , she will be very good gift for any child coz she can fit in the schoolbag and go anywhere with them. She so easy to make just perfect for beginner only use single crochet!This is a 48 hour free offer only.

Are you ready?

Finish Size
-Approximately 5 inch tall
-Size of bunny may varies depend on size of yarn and crochet hook
To make bunny you will need
1. Gray, blue, pink, green and red colour acrylic yarn in this pattern, I normally used 8 ply
2. Plastic eyes with safety backing 7.5mm (you can find it at any craft shop)
3. Fibre fill for stuffing
4. Sewing pin
5. Embroidery
6. Ribbon for an optional
7. Crochet hook size1.25mm or 3.0mm and craft glue

For the size of the crochet hook really does not matter. The doll design will work just fine with different size of crochet hooks, only the end size of the creation will different slightly.
In this pattern is working in round continuously, you may use contrasting colour short piece of yarn to mark the beginning of each round. When round one end. Do not join at the end of each round; you will begin the second round in the next stitch.
At the end of each round, I have given the number of stitches you should have .If you are off by 1or 2 stitches, do not worry about it.
For instruction on how to make magic ring, change colour and basic technique to make amigurumi try this tutorial. It’s very helpful.

Skill and abbreviations
You will need to know how to make a magic ring or adjustable ring
-Single crochet (sc)
-Crochet increase (inc) which mean-make 2 single crochet in same stitch
-Crochet decrease (dec) which mean-Crochet 2 stitches together
-Stitch (st)
* = Repeat stitches from * to end of *
-Chain (ch)
-Slip stitch (sl st)
Work in front loops only (flo)
Work in back loops only (blo)
Change colour


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  1. What a cutie.
    Bailey would like you to read..Tranquil Diamonds Prayer ShawlMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing your adorable creations at The Pretty Pintastic Party! We love this so much we’re featuring it at the party this weekend– we hope you’ll stop by, grab a featured button, and link up some more wonderful posts!

  3. Missgwend says

    So in the blog above, you state this is a FREE pattern and the link to Craftsy also says “get this free pdf pattern here” when I head over to Craftsy it says the pattern is $3.95. So which is it?

  4. Hi Missgwend,
    This Vicky bunny is Free for 48hr only on the time of promotion.

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