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Hello lovelies!  It’s been a busy week here with packing up our stuff and get ready to moving to Thailand.

 We are also visiting friends and family in Auckland before we heading off. We have such a lovely time here in Auckland.

 This winter season are beautiful combination of juicy fruite like orange and kiwi picking straight back from mom and dad garden.


Happy weekend everyone!

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Jane is the founder and author of jennyandteddy.com. she love all things cute, like to baked yummy goodness. Jennyandteddy.com is a place where she can shared her easy DIY project, craft, crochet and simple life.


  1. Jane, Just to wish you and your husband/family well on your return to Thailand as I didn’t get a chance to see you, as I was away. Quite a decent earthquake last evening, but no problem for us. I also will be moving from Wgtn as we start a new venture. We may also travel later to SE Asia again. All the very best. Peter

  2. Hi Peter,I m glad you and your family are safe and the earthquake.

  3. Oh that little rabbit is too cute. I like the ways you made her eyes. Stay safe and hope you enjoy your new place.
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