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30 free easy Easter crochet patterns

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Hop hop  like a bunny…..

30 free easy easter crochet patterns

Well….. Easter is coming soon, We need some hand croched  to spice up your house!

Have you guys thinking and have plan to crocheted something for Easter decoration yet? I know some of you might looking for the last minute quick and easy crochet project to make.

Here I handpicked super adorable crochet Easter free pattern for you. What could be more special than your handmade crocheted décor in this season.

What are you waiting for, Let’s start to crochet !

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1.easy quick crochet easter free pattern egg decor

1.Lace wrap Easter crochet egg

2.granny easter crochet easy egg free pattern tutorial

2.Granny crochet Eater egg decor

3.easter egg crochet decoration easy quick free pattern

3.Easter egg decoration-sheep

4.crochet easter egg bonnets free pattern easy how to

4.Easter egg crochet bonnets

5.easter crochet egg decor quick last minute project

5.Easter egg crochet décor-chicken

6.Littlecrochet Egg Baskets 1

6.Little egg basket

7.easter egg crochet moustache decor free pattern

7.Moustache Easter egg

8.crochet easter egg cover basket

8.Crochet Easter egg cover

9.little monster_easter_egg crochet-7

9.Little monster Easter egg

10. Easter-Egg-Crochet-Pattern-2

10.Crocheted Easter egg

11.crochet easy bunny-basket-with-watermark

11.Crochet bunny basket

12.easter bunny amigurumi free crochet pattern

12.Easter bunny amigurumi


13.Sweet heart bunny amigurumi


14.Easter spring basket

15.cuddly-bunny-rabbit-crochet-toy-free-amigurumi easter-pattern

15.Cuddly bunny amigurumi

16.boy and girl easter bunny free amigurumi pattern crochet

16.Bunny boy and girl amigurumi

granny easter bunny.jpg

17.Granny bunny

18.easter chicken free amigurumi pattern crochet

18.Cute baby chicken free amigurumi

19. easter crochet free amigurumi chicken pattern

19.Baby chicken amigurumi

20. beanbag-chicken-crochet-pattern-edit

20.Crochet chicken bean bag


21.Bunny crochet pattern

22.easy chicken easter amigurumi free pattern

22.Easter chicken amigurumi


23.Crochet carrot


24.chicken applique crochet


25.crochet carrot pouch

26.crochet bunny applique easter free pattern

26.Spring easter bunny applique


27.Easter chicken crochet hat

28.easter bunny crochet hat_2

28.Easter bunny crochet hat free pattern

29.bunny easter girl amigurumi free pattern

29.Bunny girl amigurumi

30.fat bunny easter free amigurumi pattern

30.fat bunny amigurumi


31. Easter chic chics by Ohana craft.

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Tuesday 20th of March 2018

Where is a good place to buy the yarn for the Easter Chicken


Tuesday 20th of March 2018

Hi Elizabeth here the funfur"funfur yarn that you can buy from etsy.


Tuesday 20th of March 2018

Who carrys the yarn for the Easter Chicken


Tuesday 20th of March 2018

for the funfur yarn you can find it funfur"

Janis Blewitt

Friday 29th of December 2017

Please add me to your news letter, Thank You.