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Hi, I am Jane and thanks you for stopping by . Here is my little corner of crochet  in the blogland!

A little about me.

I am Medical lab scientist by education. If you guess that I am a nerd who like to be in the library reading book all day long when I was studied , well yep you correct! lol

And oh yeah I am a crochet and chocolate addict.

Well another thing about me is that   my English language is not that great. They are my second language but I try my best to make it easy to understand for you guys with lots of step by step photo and some video in the tutorial. So You might get annoyed by my bad English writing. ^^ I am apologize for that.

I found my truly passion about crochet and love to create thing useful and pretty and turn them into my full time work.

Mmm you gotta love what you do and do what you love that will make you happy^^.

Now you guys may wonder about my blog name Jennyandteddy , well I pick up this name because I love love  teddy bear When I was young I never had a teddy bear toy.

So I am just  crazy stupid love for all thing bear and you can see from my amigurumi crochet toy tutorial always had a bear in it! And my friends  sometime they called me  jenny so jennyandteddy.com was born lol.

There you go now you know^^.


Live here in tropical and fun in Thailand.


When I was started to crocheting.

The first thing that I made was amigurumi (crochet doll, toy)

I love to making them so much because they are cute overload.

Now I am trying to making more thing like, fun bunny ear headband hat , scarf, crochet topbag and etc..

 A3jane of jennyandteddy

My goto crochet hook size that I am normally used are 3.5mm, 6mm and 1.5mm.

A4jennyandteddy introduction

I love to bring my hook and yarn to crochet outside for relaxing holiday.

A2all about jane of jennyandteddy

I love to listen nice music while crocheting especially Ed sheeran, oh man, this guy awesome!


I was born in the 80’s grew up in the 90’s. Remember that’s time?

When Nokia were very popular and I only play one game in their ” a snake game” lol.

If someone got pager is so awesome!

And oh yeah Britney Spear is my favorite pop singer!

Follow me on Instagram for more fun and new update! Let’s hangout and say hello, I don’t bite lol ! hope to see you there^^


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