basic bucket hat free crochet pattern

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basic crochet bucket hat free crochet pattern

Let’s meet the basic crochet bucket hat for everyday use and fun to wear.

I am into hat making right now with this beautiful ra-raraffia yarn from woolandthegang, this is such a fun yarn to make a hat and a bag!

So I was looking at pinterest and seee the bucket hat trend so I just kind of want it make it and wear it for myself lol.

easy crochet basic bucket hat tutorial

So here they are my basic crochet bucket hat which is  beginner friendly

The hat is start from top down and  a magic adjustable ring.

crochet basic bucket sun hat free pattern

only use one stitch repeat which is single crochet all the way see?

everyday basic crochet bucket hat how to tutorial

How easy they are? I also did a full video tutorial for this cute crochet basic bucket hat as well. If u are a vistual learner.

crochet sun hat with bucket style free how to crochet video tutorial

By the way, I only use 1 skein of ra-ra raffia yarn , super  quick crochet bucket hat to whip up in the weekend.

If you like somthing feminine for the hat you will love this simple crochet shell stitch slouchy hat.

basic bucket hat

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as an inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.

Let’s get start!

–  I am using about  273 yard one size fit  all adult head.

I used Ra-ra raffia yarn color desert palm  1 skein.

– 3.0 mm crochet hook 

– stitch marker or contrasting color yarn

Note: we are crochet this hat not too tight. 

We are crochet in spiral donot join round at the end.

Skill and abbreviations

You will need to know how to make (American crochet term)

-dc which mean double crochet

-Magic ring or adjustable ring

-sk st mean skip stitch

-Sl st (slip stitch)

-sc which mean single crochet

-flo which mean crochet in front loop only

-blo which mean crochet in back loop only

Gauge: 4  sc crochet stitches = 1 inch

 Size One size fit all adult head.

Video tutorial.

Crown (work in spriral do not join round)

You will work from top to bottom,

Make magic ring or adjustable ring and 8sc in ring (8 sts)

Round1. 2sc in each st around (16 sts)

Round2. *Sc in next st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (24 sts)

Round3. *Sc in next 2 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (32sts)

Round4. *Sc in next 3 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (40 sts)

Round5. *Sc in next 4 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (48 sts) .

Round6. *Sc in next 5 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (56 sts) .

Round7. *Sc in next 6 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (64 sts) .

 After  we finished the crown round 7 we will measure up the circle it around 5.0 inch.

Now we will  make the hat body by continue from round7 and to add the body of the hat by use  single crochet stitch.

Round8. sc in each st around (no stitch count).

Round9 and beyond. repeat round8 which is just sc in each st around (no stitch count) until we reach   7.0 inch deep. or try it on  to see if it long enough to cover you head.

Making the brim.

Base of the brim.  Front loop only *Sc in next st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around ( no stitch count).

Round1. Both loop , sc in each st around (no stitch count).

Round2 and beyond. repeat round1 which is just sc in each st around (no stitch count) until we reach   2 inch deep for the brim or your desired lenght if you want the brim bigger.

Then for the last 2 round of the brim before we finished off , just do  single crochet in back loop only in each stitch around.

Then fasten off.

All done!

Happy crocheting!

If you make one I would love to see your creation tag me on Instagram!

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  1. I haven’t crocheted since I was a child and I’ve never made anything other than a scarf or small blanket. This hat is absolutely adorable and so I challenged myself to try it. Wow! It was so much fun to make and your instructions made it so easy! Thank you!!! My daughter just asked me to make one for her too. So happy to have found your site, Jane, and can’t wait to find more things to crochet here! 🙂

  2. Hi Caroline thank u so much for such a lovely compliment that really made my day and great to hear that the instruction is easy to follow I am A bit of shy about my english that wonot made u understand clear.

    Thank uuuu love.

  3. This is such a great tutorial!! It’s my first time making a hat, I’m just about to start the brim and so happy! I’m using a medium weight cotton yarn and this is gonna be my gardening hat for the summer 🙂 might have to get my hands on some of the yarn you used in the photos, looks so cute!

  4. Hi Iris Thank you so much for such a lovely compliment. That made my day. Stay tune for the next bucket hat Tutorial.

  5. Hi, thanks so much for this pattern! I’ve just finished the hat and it looks great.

    ขอบคุณค่ะ K Jane 🙂

  6. Thank you so much ka khun Elle.

  7. Hi! What size & type of yarn can I use if I’m not going to use the same yarn you used?

  8. It’s such a great pattern..
    I made one for me and m friends want one as well

  9. Thank u Reva.

  10. You can use 4 medium weight yarn instead of raffia yarn.

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