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basic bucket hat free crochet pattern

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easy crochet bucket hat for beginners free pattern.

Crocheting a bucket hat is perfect for beginner crocheters to start out their journey to crocheting accessories, and this bucket hat pattern is easier than you might think.

I completed this simple hat in 2 hours and if you are a beginner you might be finished this hat in one afternoon.

This basic crochet bucket hat free pattern is made of three simple parts.

We started from the top, which we called a crown, the bucket part, and the brim. That’s all we need!

This simple bucket hat pattern has a full in-depth step-by-step video tutorial for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced crocheter.

Make them with cotton yarn or take on a fun adventure with raffia yarn as I did in this pattern the result will be a beautiful perfect piece.

how to crochet a bucket hat step by step.

How to crochet a bucket hat step by step?

I have made 3 easy steps for crocheting a bucket hat for you guys to know before you get started on the project.

  • Step1. We will start by crocheting the top part of the bucket hat basically, we just make a flatted circle with single crochet stitches that are big enough to cover the crown of your head.
  • Step2. The bucket part is the depth of the hat that continues crocheting from the crown of your head. In the pattern, we just make a single crochet stitch round and round until we get the depth that covers your forehead.
  • Step3. Create the brim of the bucket hat we will do a crochet increase in each round to make the slope.
crochet sun hat bucket style.

The best yarn for a crochet bucket hat?

Mostly yarn that has plant fiber content will give you comfortable and breathable to wear during the summertime.

For example, Lion brand 24/7 they are made from mercerized cotton yarn, raffia yarn from woolandthegang, bamboo, recycle, and much more.

If you want to make a bucket hat that will keep you warm in the winter time or chilling cold days.

You might wanna pick up some chunky wool blend yarn, faux fur, or even acrylic yarn.

To make chunky crochet bucket hats of your style they are easy 3-step construction same process as I mentioned above.

Yarn substitutions for this basic bucket pattern:

In this pattern, the example piece, I use raffia yarn from woolandthegang.

If you do not have raffia yarn in hand like I do you can substitute it with cotton DK-weight yarn that holds double when crocheting.

And make sure when u crochet the crown of the hat try it on to see if it covers your head.

Is crocheting a bucket easy for beginners?

This free pattern is made for beginner crochet outhere.

The entire hat is made from basic crochet stitches like single crochet.

They start with a magic ring and work in rounds you do not need to join each round just keep continue crocheting in a spiral.

I also did a full in-depth video tutorial for this cute crochet basic bucket hat as well. If u are a vistual learner.

How long does it take to crochet a bucket hat?

For me to make a bucket hat will be one afternoon with lots of breaks.

If you are a beginner crocheter probably 2-3 hour to make but it depends on what kind of yarn you guys use for making the hat.

If you go for bucky yarn will be super quick to make.

How much yarn do I need to make this adult bucket hat?

This hat will be around 250-300 yards.

For this pattern, I only use 1 skein of ra-ra raffia yarn, super quick crochet bucket hat to whip up on the weekend. 1 skein is around 273 yards.

Tip & trick for making your perfect fit bucket hat.

  • Try it on: Be sure to try it on along the way when you start to make the crown if it covers your head.

And try again when you onto the bucket part to see if it covers your forehead.

  • Brim not hold shape or floppy brim: This can happen and they are a couple of ways to fix it.

You can change for a smaller hook just for the brim part the smaller hook will create the stitch tight together and dense.

Change crochet stitch to half double crochet, this hdc will create the stitch tight and dense same effect as a smaller hook

There are more cute crochet summer patterns for you guys to enjoy.

bucket hat

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as an inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.



We are crocheting in a spiral do not join round at the end.

Skill and abbreviations

You will need to know how to make (American crochet term)

  • dc, which means double crochet
  • Magic ring or adjustable ring
  • sk st mean skip stitch
  • -Sl st (slip stitch)
  • sc which means single crochet
  • flo, which means crochet in the front loop only
  • blo, which means crochet in the back loop only

Gauge: 4 sc crochet stitches = 1 inch

 Size One size fit all adult head.

How to crochet a bucket for beginners Video tutorial.

video tutorial for bucket hat.

Basic crochet bucket hat pattern instruction.

Crown (work in spiral do not join round)

You will work from top to bottom,

Make magic ring or adjustable ring and 8sc in the ring (8 sts)

Round 1. 2sc in each st around (16 sts)

Round 2. *Sc in next st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (24 sts)

Round 3. *Sc in next 2 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (32sts)

Round 4. *Sc in next 3 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (40 sts)

Round 5. *Sc in next 4 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (48 sts) .

Round 6. *Sc in next 5 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (56 sts) .

Round 7. *Sc in next 6 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (64 sts) .

 After we finished the crown round 7 we will measure up the circle it around 5.0 inches.

Now we will make the hat body by continuing from round 7 and add the body of the hat by using a single crochet stitch.

Round 8. sc in each st around (no stitch count).

Round 9 and beyond. Repeat round 8, which is just sc in each st around (no stitch count) until we reach  7.0 inches deep. Or try it on to see if it is long enough to cover your head.

Making the brim.

The base of the brim.  Front loop only *Sc in next st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around ( no stitch count).

Round1. Both loop, sc in each st around (no stitch count).

Round 2 and beyond. Repeat round 1 which is just sc in each st around (no stitch count) until we reach  2 inches deep for the brim or your desired length if you want the brim bigger.

Then for the last 2 rounds of the brim before we finished off, just do a single crochet in the back loop only in each stitch around.

Then fasten off.

All done!

Happy crocheting!

If you make one I would love to see your creation tag me on Instagram!

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Friday 13th of October 2023

This pattern was so easy to follow and the end result is amazing.i haven't crocheted in over 2 years and this pattern was really easy for me to follow.BEST PATTERN EVER!!!!


Friday 22nd of September 2023

Can I make this using acrylic yarn


Friday 22nd of September 2023

Hi Denise, you can


Tuesday 29th of August 2023

The pattern doesn't work with yarn. The hook size might have worked with raffia. You need a different pattern for yarn.


Wednesday 13th of September 2023

Hi Debbie you can switch up yarn from raffia to cotton weight 2 hold double or 4 medium weight single strand.


Wednesday 15th of February 2023

How can I print the pattern out.

Thank you

Franca Dial

Tuesday 22nd of March 2022

Hi, this looks like a great and easy pattern. Can't wait to try it!. Do you have any other bucket hat patterns that you can provide with a video.

You are so easy to follow! :)


Sunday 17th of April 2022

thank u.