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how to crochet v stitch filet net

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Meet the new crochet stitch! I called it ” V filet net crochet stitch”.

This crochet stitch is absolutely beginner friendly! They are mostly double crochet and chain or a combination of a v crochet stitch and double crochet stitch.


The V stitch is easy and pretty itself then add a double crochet to it  so yay! the quick and pretty lace is born!

This crochet v stitch filet net are great for many project like, mmm lace cardigan , poncho or even a scarf.

how to crochet easy v stitch filet net


You will need to know how to make

American crochet term

-dc  which mean double crochet

-ch, Chain

-sk which mean skip stitch

easy crochet v stitch filet net tutorial

Let’s get into it!

The chain will be multiple of 2  for the foundation.

In this small sample I start with chain 14

Row1.   make dc in next ch from hook and * ch1 , sk1, dc in next ch* repeat  * to * across until the end of the row. turn

Row2. ch2( not count as a stitch) , dc in same st,  * sk1 st then make dc,ch1,dc in same st * repeat this * to * across until the end of row,  at the last st make dc. turn

Row3. ch2, *make dc in ch1 space then ch1, make dc in next ch space*  repeat this * to this * across until the end of the row, at the end of the row make 1 dc in last stitch.

Row4. and beyond repeat row 2 and 3 until you get your desired length.

Happy crocheting!



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Sunday 6th of January 2019

hey so ive just started doing small crafts like this so you could day that I don't really know a lot of things, so if you could put how to start the project that would be great


Friday 28th of December 2018

Do you just have the written pattern? It's easier to print. I'm old school that way ?


Saturday 29th of December 2018

HI Diana, I Will have it pdf print friendly soon.