20 Cute Ocean and Sea creatures crochet applique free pattern

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Hello Monday!

20 easy cute free ocean and sea creatures crochet applique free patterns

I can’t believe that summer just around the corner. We are at the end of March, and going to April the hottest month of the year in Thailand! What you guys think about summer?

I think of beach, ocean and I love everything about it especially, sea creatures and little animal.

So here a collection 20  cute and easy free crochet patterns of sea creatures and ocean lover applique by talented crochet designer for everyone to enjoy the summer.

From my experience of crochet applique project I would recommend cotton yarn or cotton blend yarn for the beautiful result.


  1. easy Whale crochet applique by me

2.whale applique crochet free pattern

2.a very cute crochet whale bye Kamila at krawka blog

3. whale crochet applique motif

3.love love this whale applique by Lauren at daisycottagedesigns

4. blue crochet WhaleApplique1

4.another easy peasy whale applique by Sarah at repeatcrafterme

5. crochet fish-applique

5.easy fish applique by me

6. cute crochet nemo fish applique free pattern

6.adorable nemo fish by Kamila at krawka blog

7.easy crochet octopus applique sea creature pattern

7.baby octopus crochet by Kamila at krawka blog

8.easy crochet crab tutorial applique free pattern

8.a fun crab by Kamila at krawka blog

9. a cute crawly crab crochet applique tutorial

9.A cute crawly crab by Sara at mymerrymessylife


10.easy baby octopus applique by me

11.cute seahorse ocean creature crochet applique pattern free

11.easy seahorse crochet applique by Kamila at krawka blog


12.tiny turtle by Sarah at repeatcrafterme


13.Crochet jellyfish by Sarah at repeatcrafterme

14. squid crochet Kraken1

14.Crochet squid applique at yarnington blog


15.Cute squid by Tamara at moogly blog

16. fish applique and seaweed crochet

16.Fish applique at beginnercrochetpatterns

17.starfish crochet applique cute free pattern

17.starfish at flowergirlcottage blog

18. fish motif easy crochet balik_fish

18.Fish motif crochet at hunerlerimiz blog

19. fish applique free pattern crochet

19.Fish applique crochet by Rachel at crochetspot

seahorse crochet applique free pattern

20.Seahorse crochet applique

Happy crocheting!

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  1. Hi, how do I get the free seaside crochet patterns, all I get us the pictures not the patterns

  2. HI, Jan just follow the link you will go to original designer pattern page.

  3. Barbara Jacobs says

    Thanks for doing these. I’m making hats for my Sunday school class. I can use the various appliques for their hats. Our theme is under the sea. We wear our hats when learning/working on our memory verse. The kids will love these.

  4. Jayashree Ratan says

    I am from iIndia and we are making beanies for children undergoing chemo. I plan to make these applique patterns on theircotton beanies . Thank for the patterns

  5. Hi Jayashree you are so kind thank u.

  6. Jayashree, es una bonita labor la que desarrollan..
    Jenny hermosos trabajos… gracias por compartir

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