Elephant crochet hat-free pattern

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Hello There!

crochet elephant hat free pattern by jennyandteddy

I hope you guys have a great week! I couldn’t be happier to bring you the surprise, This adorable crochet elephant hat pattern  is Free for all. Yep that right it’s FREE, to celebrated Mr. Geo  Turned 2  year old this summer. Speaking of him, Mr. Geo he’s love love everything about elephant and always ask me to take him  to visit elephant park.  So I have picked this super cute elephant to celebrated!

Are you ready?

Grab a hook and have fun crocheting!
elephant crochet hat free pattern

A Big Thank you to Jennifer Jayne Photographer for this super cute photo


Newborn-3 months (fits up to 14 inch)


You will need

MC: In this pattern I am used worsted weight yarn  and weight of yarn to be use 1 skien of 100 grams/284 meters but you need 2 of them to be able to held double. Sample using Marvel Brand Moda Vera 100% acrylic) held double.

You can substitute any yarn that gives you gauge. If you are using a thick enough yarn, you would not need to hold double.

Crochet hook size 6.0 mm for hat and size 3.00 mm for inner elephant ear

Sewing yarn needle and cute buttons of your choice

Removable stitch markers or contrasting colour yarn

Gauge: 2 sc x 2 rows = 1 square inch

Skill and abbreviations:

This pattern is writing in US crochet term.

You will need to know how to make:

Chain (ch)

Slip stitch (sl st)

Single crochet (sc)

Half double crochet (hdc)

Magic ring or adjustable ring

Main Colour (MC)

Contrasting Colour (CC)

My beginner tutorial check it out here

How to add braid to an earflap


  1. In this pattern, you will work in the round continuously. You may use a removable stitch marker or a short piece of yarn of contrasting colour to mark the beginning of each round. At the end of each round, you will not join, but begin the next round in the next stitch.
  2. The stitch counts at the end of each round are given.

Hat body (size 0-3 months)

You will work from top to bottom

Round1. Make magic ring or adjustable ring and 6sc in ring (6 sts)

Round2. 2sc in each st around (12 sts)

Round3. *hdc in next st, 2hdc in next st*, repeat from * around (18 sts)

Round4. *hdc in next 2 st, 2hdc in next st*, repeat from * around (24 sts)

Round5. *hdc in next 3 st, 2hdc in next st*, repeat from * around (30 sts)

Round6-11. hdc in each st around (30 sts). Finish off.

Shape earflap:

Use two stitch markers to mark the stitch in the middle of each side of the hat. Join MC at the first marker.

Row1. Ch 1 (counts as first sc here and throughout), sc 7, ch1, turn (8 sts)

Row2. Sc in next 6 sts, ch1, turn (7 sts)

Row3. Sc in next 5 sts, ch1, turn (6 sts)

Row4. Sc in next 4 sts, ch1 turn (5 sts)

Row5. Sc in next 3 sts, ch1 turn (4 sts) and fasten off. Join MC at second marker with sl st and repeat as above for second earflap


Join MC at any st along the edging with sl st and work one round of sc around the edge, going around the earflaps. Fasten off.


With Main Colour, loop yarn into approximately 18-20 inch long loops as shown in the picture.

Note. Please use these pictures only as a guide.


Using a crochet hook, pull the folded side of the yarn through the centre stitch at the bottom of the earflap, making a loop. Pull the free ends of the yarn through this loop and pull tight.

Divide yarn in to three parts, plaint or braid to the end, and tie a knot to finish up. One tie is made. Repeat on the other earflap to make second tie.


Nose: Make 1 piece with (MC)

elephant trunk

Round1. Chain 15 and join with sl st. (15sts)

Round2-12. sc in each st around (15sts).

Then finish off and leave long tail for sewing.


To make the elephant nose.

Photo1-2. Pinch or roll the nose in half from the bottom to the top across the straight edge make it look round then, Photo3-4. Sew along to the top to hold it in place and then sew the nose to the hat.

elephant ear


Make 2 pieces with MC

Start with 21 chains and join to make a circle.

Round1. sc in each st around. (20 sts)

Round2. *sc in next st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (30 sts)

Round3. *sc in next 2 st, 2sc in next st*, repeat from * around (40 sts)

Round4-6. sc in next st around. (40 sts)

In the next round we will crochet 2 stitched together from both side

(see photo below),

elephant ear1 crochet

Round7. Sc next st from hook, hdc next, hdc next, dc next, next 2dc in the same st, next 3dc in the same st, next 2dc in the same st, dc next, hdc next, sl st next, continue to crochet across, sc next, hdc next, hdc next, next 2dc in the same st, next 3dc in the same st, hdc next, hdc next, sc next, sl st next and fasten off. (no stitches count in this row)


Inner ear: Pink colour using crochet hook size 3.0mm

crochet elephant ear

Start with 17 chains.

Row1. sc in next st from hook and across, chain 1 and turn (16 sts)

Row2. sc in next st from hook and across , chain 1 and turn (16 sts)

Row3. sc in next st from hook and across , chain 1 and turn (16 sts)

Row4. sc in next st from hook and across , chain 1 and turn (16 sts)

Row5. sc in next st from hook and across , chain 1 and turn (16 sts)

Row6. sc in next st from hook and across , chain 1 and turn (16 sts)

Row7. sc in next st from hook and across , chain 1 and turn (16 sts)

Row8. Sc in next st from hook, hdc in next st, hdc in next st, next 2dc in the same st , next 3dc in the same st, dc in next st, hdc in next st, then sl st. Continue in the same row, hdc in next st, dc in next st, next 2dc in the same st , next 3dc in the same st, hdc in next st, sc in next, then sl st. and sc in each stitch around the edge and Fasten off. (No stitches count in this round)

Join the two pieces of outer ear and two pieces of inner ear together by sewing.


Attach elephant ears and nose then eyes by sewing use yarn needle. For the eye use black button to attach.

About jane

Jane is the founder and author of jennyandteddy.com. she love all things cute, like to baked yummy goodness. Jennyandteddy.com is a place where she can shared her easy DIY project, craft, crochet and simple life.


  1. Karen Murphey says

    Thank you for sharing such an adorable pattern. Cant wait to give it a try.

  2. Karol A. Jones says

    Thank you so much for the pattern! It is simply adorable!

  3. welcome Karol.

  4. thanks Karen.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this adorable pattern!

  6. Wanted this elephant hat so badly but guess I missed the 48 hr post was out of town at 2 of my grand kids weddings. Are you ever going to post it again for free.

  7. Oh man I really wanted to make this for my two granddaughter’s one is here and the other will be any day. Will you have this free again anytime soon.
    Thanks, Yvonne

  8. Does anyone have this pattern my mum would love to do it for my little man x

  9. Want to buy this pattern but need to know how to make it for an adult. Can you help me?

  10. Hi Stacey, sorry I did not make this hat into adult size.

  11. Oh my goodness this is adorable! I have shared it with my readers. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Thank you so much Shellie for sharing.

  13. This is just too cute!! Thanks for submitting your crochet pattern to DIY Crush! You can see the published post here: http://www.diy-crush.com/blog/elephant-hat-crochet-pattern/

  14. Thank you Denise for featured me.

  15. This is so lovely!

  16. Thank you Olga.

  17. Congratulations! Your post was my feature pick from my Commenters at #WonderfulWednesday this week. Visit me on Tuesday evening and to see your feature and pick up your badge! I invite you to leave more links to be shared and commented upon.

  18. Thank you so much Marilyn.

  19. This is the cutest pattern ever! I am dying to try it. I can’t wait to put this on my little guy. 🙂 @itchinforsomestitchin

  20. Thank you RME!

  21. So darn cute! Thank you for pattern ?

  22. Melissa P says

    Quick question….are the ears/nose also crocheted using two strands of yarn?

  23. Beyond adorbz!

  24. Thank you Michele.

  25. HI Melissa, The elephant ear and nose are using two stand of yarn as well.

  26. Elizabeth Arnold says

    When you say worsted weigt yarn, are you talking about yarn like cannas choice or red heart? Or is the yarn thinner than that?

  27. Yes,Elizabeth any brand of yarn red heart or cannass is ok.

  28. I followed the pattern exactly, but my project turned out a bit small looking.

  29. HI Medison you could crochet increase to make the hat bigger.

  30. is there a possible way to do an adult size like this would i be able to just increase?

  31. yea just increase. but the ear will have to make it bigger as well.

  32. San any one make this for me 12 months please willing to pay

  33. You could find the ready made cute elephant hat on etsy.

  34. aww really Iv tried couldn’t find it x

  35. This is so adorable!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
    What is the color that is used for the hat in the picture of the baby?

  36. blue colour.

  37. What a wonderful hat thank you so much for sharing.

  38. Emelena Preciado says

    How would I make it for a 1 year old ? please help!

  39. Just keep crochet increase.

  40. Stephanie says

    I would love it if you have the elephant hat and would be willing to share it with me. My daughter is doing her nursery in elephants ? and I want to make this for her. Thank you for your time

  41. HI Stephanie, thanks for stopping by you can also buy elephant hat custom made on etsy as well.

  42. Hi Jane, Do you know which yarn brand did you used for this project?? And, What color it what the yarn you used??

  43. I use modavera 100% acrylic 100gram 230m

  44. Nina Oreilly says

    Hey I know this is late, but I just saw this now.
    I would love to help you out if you would still need one crocheted. Or anyone for that matter.
    I remember when I had my child and did not crochet, and I would love nothing more than to help make someone else’s most exciting and special time of their lives even more special !
    Even if it’s for an older baby, it is still exciting, personally every single day is like a celebration and it is always super super exciting to put something like this on her to take pictures 🙂
    And I can also help with anyone who needs adult sizes if that’s okay with the talented author, as it is 100% all her talent, and her pattern, I will just be helping to make this hat available for all different ages and sizes 🙂

  45. That’s great Nina! Thanks for your help and offer love it. I am so happy you like my pattern.

  46. Nina Oreilly says

    Oh man, I more than love it !
    This is the best crochet elephant hat on the internet, therefore the best on earth ! Lol
    I’m serious, you’re very talented my dear ! I’m probably your biggest fan. I absolutely love your creations ! Thank you so much for being so generous. I actually am losing faith in people lately, there’s no general kindness anymore.
    I go out and do general acts of kindness with my daughter. ( giving out a chocolate with a ‘have a great day ‘ sticker, leaving a note on people’s car saying
    ” passing a smile your way, and hoping you have a wonderful day. Pass the smile on to someone else today if you can :)” )
    –things like that written on them!
    I’m trying to teach her that a smile can make someone’s day, and one word can tear it apart.
    And i always say ” if you see someone without a smile, give them yours !”
    And I’m crocheting some hope ribbons to help raise money for the little champs around where I live who are fighting the unthinkable.
    And seeing you be so kind to pay it forward helps people like me create gifts to put a smile on someone’s face.
    I want you to know you are a part of that. So thank you !

  47. Barbara Luke says

    Thank you so much for your kindness of sharing your pattern. I look forward to trying it.

  48. Ella Braid says

    This is so cute

  49. I am really confused about flaps the ear flaps, can you help me? It says slip stitch then chain one how do we do single crochet without a foundation chain? Are they all into the single crochet? So confused about that part read so many times trying to figure it out. Or are the single crochets along the hat?

  50. Hi Sherry, Thanks for your question, First earflap just working continually from the hat.
    But second earflap join yarn and work the same as the first ear flap. hope this help
    ( no sl st , sorry)

  51. Jessica Johnson says

    Thanks for the cute pattern! Please see pics on my fb page with link to your pattern in the comments. <3

    I only added Crochet eyes to make the hat more easily compliant. <3

  52. thanks you so much Jessica. your elephant hat version is super cute ^^.

  53. This is super cute! It came out perfect! I made it for my newborn son and everybody loves it. Thanks for this beautiful pattern.

  54. Thanks so much Elin.

  55. Good morning,Jane and all other crocheters! In need of help with the ears. I’m confused.

    First thing is thanks for sharing your pattern, it is absolutely adorable! I read through all the comments to see if anyone else asked about this. I did see where you said to do the first ear flap right from the hat. The pattern(at the end of round 11) reads to fasten off, so do I or no? What is the difference between ear flap and the ear, beside the instuctions being different?
    I hope I’m not being a bother.
    I thank everyone in advance for any help you may be able to provide

  56. HI Christina,
    Thanks you for asking a good question, so When you at round 11 and you can start the first earflap donot need to fasten off. when you are finished first earflap now you need to fasten off and then use stitch marker to mark in the position of the earflap, your second earflap should match with the position of your first earflap and joining yarn start your second earflap.

    For the ear which I mean the elephant outer and inner ear.
    The ear flap which I mean the hat body structure.

    Please let me know it this help.

  57. I done one of my ears and it looks wider then yours in the picture.

  58. I am confused about how to do the ear. Mine does not look like yours and I do not understand how to do round 7 at all.

  59. Hi Angela, For the ear I am holding yarn 2 strand while I am crocheting and crochet them in both side together by insert your hook through both side then sc in the first start and follow by hdc and so on follow along the pattern. I hope this help. I will make some video tutorial on how to make the elephant ear as soon as my com is fixed.

  60. Gwen Houser says

    Hi I hope you get this soon as I am in the middle of making an elephant hat and I am having trouble understanding how to to the shape earflap part. I’m confused on the whole section of the sharp earflap and was wondering if you could help me. I was hoping you had a video as I work better learning visually but there wasn’t one to go off of.

  61. Hi Gwen, sorry for late reply. for the sharp the earflap what I do is crochet decrease in each row. and sorry I did not have the video tutorial for it but they will be in my up coming plan as soon as I get the new computer.

  62. Did you ever do a video for the ears? This makes no sense.

  63. Hi Julie I did not make video for the ears yet sorry. But The detail in photo is also help.

  64. If I do a thicker yarn will the ears stand up just as good or is our best to do the worsted weight with two?

  65. yes it would jessica,

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