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20+ Owl free crochet patterns

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20+owls free crochet patterns easy

20+ Owls free crochet pattern for baby and everyone. Owls are the coolest birds out there. They are seen as wise and to be honest they just look so adorable with their big sleepy eyes. Their large eyes will capture your imagination while they fly through the night. Out of appreciation for this lovely bird, we’ve made a list of easy owl crochet patterns that will have your head turning!

1.owl amigurumi free crochet pattern


What better way to start off the list than with a cute, sleepy baby owl? If this owl doesn’t have you saying, ‘Aww!’ then there might be something wrong with you.

2.owl crochet pouch free easy pattern-2-2


This owl does more than just look adorable and festive, it doubles as a cute little bag! That’s my kind of owl.

3.easy owls crochet baby booties free pattern


While we’re talking about dual purpose owls, let’s talk about these cute little baby shoes! These are just too cute for words…what more can I say?



First baby shoes, and now a baby hat; you’re little one is going to be loving owls in no time with all of this cute gear!

5. easy owls crochet applique


Here’s a cute little decorative owl. I really love this one, and I especially love the tiny little beak! I just can’t resist.

6.beginner owl amigurumi push toy tutorial free pattern


This one is guaranteed to make you smile! To me it kind of looks like a cross between an alien and an owl, which seems like the best of two worlds, literally.

7.owls free crochet baby blankets free patterns


Ok, so we aren’t quite done with baby accessories yet. This cute owl comes attached to a baby blanket so your little one’s first best friend can snuggle close at all times.

8.crochet-owl-mitten free patterns


Owl fashion is really in this season, and every season. So you should definitely try your hand at these cute owl mittens. Get it? Try your hand! to crochet owl amigurumi free pattern beginner small tiny


These owls just might be my weakness. Those huge adorable eyes, the little orange beaks, and the fact that they could fit in the palm of my hand! So cute!

10.simple and easy owls crochet pattern tutorial


Being tiny isn’t the only thing that makes you cute. This owl is a little bigger, but it’s wearing an adorable little apron, and you can’t beat that!

11.owl free amigurumi patternn beginner how to


This cute little owl looks like he’s just learning how to fly. Check out those adorable little wings!

12.owl crochet free patetern amigurumi


We’ve got two types of owls here. The first type tiny and adorable, and the second is larger, cute, and winking! That’s pretty darn cute!

13.crochet owl love heart shape free pattern


If you and someone you care about share a love of owls, you’ll definitely want to check out this pattern! Separated the owls are adorable, but together they form a heart!

14.SleepyOwlMask crochet free pattern2


Every owl lover needs their beauty sleep, but I bet you’ve never experienced it like this! These adorable eye shades will have you sleeping like a baby every night.

15.owl-bean-bag-chair-crochet-pattern cuchin


Oh my goodness, just look at this owl! It’s so large and round, and I just want to hug it! Please, can I?

16.owl family crochet tutorial cushion


These owls are super cute and very customizable. You can make them in all kinds of different colors and patterns. So have fun and try them out!



If you feel like you are still in need of more owl accessories, never fear. Here we’ve got a cute owl purse that you can use to carry all your other owls around!

18.crochet owl amigurumi odus 3-01


This owl gives a new look to the traditional Angry Birds. Just check out that angry eye brow. But it’s still super cute, even when its mad.


These owls have a totally different look about them. I love it, and it’s a new style for you to appreciate. You’ll definitely want to add them to your collection.

20.easy crochet owls tutorial free pattern


These owls look so wild! They come in all kinds of different colors and their ears go in every direction. Plus they are ornaments, how awesome!

21.crochet free OwlGrannySquare for beginner easy1


We’ll end the list today with some really classy looking owls. You could use these as coasters, or just have them around as adorable little decorations.

If you weren’t in love with owls before, then I’m sure you are now. You also might have some problems deciding which one to make first, but don’t worry you have plenty of time to make them all! All you have to do is get out there and get started!

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lilia vanini

Sunday 9th of August 2015

Love owls, I just have started with some new designs for these owls, specially items for fall and winter! Happy Knitting! Xo Lilia


Monday 6th of July 2015

Love the owl patterns. My grandma collected owls too, funny as it seemed to me because she was such dog lover, and of course she collected dog memorabilia as well. Other owl collectors I know are my aunt (gramma's d-i-l) and a good friend of mine from college . What I find interesting is that all three not only have a passion for collecting owls and but all three are Libras, the scales, the sign of justice and owls are a symbol of wisdom.


Thursday 4th of September 2014

Thanks so much for sharing my pattern. :)

-Janet from damn it Janet, let's crochet!


Monday 8th of September 2014

Love to share your cute pattern Janet.

Leslie @ mama g's

Monday 25th of August 2014

Thank you so much for sharing my pattern!!


Tuesday 10th of June 2014

Jane These are great and fun patterns! Too cool. I especially love the owl mittens, too funny! Thanks so much.


Friday 13th of June 2014

Thanks DANA.