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40+ free easy crochet cowl & scarf patterns

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40+easy crochet cowl&scarf free pattern

Here are super easy crochet cowl and Scarves collections with 40+ free patterns for beginner.

Scarf have quickly become one of the biggest fashion statements you can make lately. You spend all kinds of time putting together an outfit that looks great on you, and now you can pick out a scarf that really makes your look pop. Instead of going out to a store and buying an expensive scarf, we’ve come up with an alternative. Why not try making your own scarf? If you are looking for ideas, we’ve made quite the list of scarf patterns for you to look through and find a scarf to make.

1.easy crochet cowl scraf free pattern

This scarf is a little simple, but this brown pattern can really make your eyes pop.

2. free crochet buttoned infinityscarf


This purple scarf is very fun color and design, it is definitely worth a shot!SONY DSC


This scarf comes with the message of “just be happy” and I can assure you that once you’ve made it, you’ll be happy to wear it always. to beginner easy crochet cowl for children girl


This scarf pattern is designed for children, so you can make it for a kid you love.



This scarf has a fun vertical pattern on it for you to try out. easy-ribbed-infinity-scarf-collage-colies-crochet-blog


Infinity scarves are always fun to wear, now it’s time to see that they’re fun to make.



This infinity scarf will definitely keep you warm in the winter time. easy free crochet scarf


This scarf has a very cute and unique pattern that will look great on you.

9.doublewrap infinity scraf cowl crochet free pattern


This is a little more than just your average infinity scarf, it’s a double wrapped infinity scarf. Try it out.

10.beginner free crochet Chevron Infinity Scarf tutorial


I really like this infinity scarf because it has a fun pattern and uses fun colors, it will definitely help you stand out!

11.chunky_rib_scarf_title easy crochet free pattern


This scarf features a sweeping style that will add a cute accent to your look. crochet infinity scarf pattern


This scarf has a holy pattern which will add a nice touch to your outfit, it’s very playful. how to tutorial infinity scarf cowl easy


This scarf has a very cute stripped pattern that would look great paired with any coat.

14.lacey circle quick and easy crochet cowl scarf free pattern


This scarf is very cool, it has a nice linked pattern. Just imagine it with a new haircut, you’ll look very fresh.



Check out this scarf, it has a calm color and pattern to it that won’t overpower your look.

16.striped colourful cowl scarf tutorial free crochet


There are so many colors and stripes on this scarf, you’ll definitely love it.

17. crochet easy free pattern ribbedcowl-cover-sandy


This style is called a “chunky ribbed” style, it’s very interesting and worth a shot.

18.quick v stitches cowl crochet free pattern


This is more than just stripes, it’s also zigzagged. beginner infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern


I really like the pattern on this scarf because it’s quite unique. Plus I like the color.

20.crochet infinity scarf tutorial how to


Don’t go thinking this pattern is too difficult, because I think it’s more than worth a shot at trying.

21.round shellstitches cowl easy tutorial


This pattern is a very easy, step by step process. You’ll have it mastered in no time!


23.Alpaca-Your-Wrap-easy crochet scarf

This playful scarf will add a nice pop to your look all while keeping you warm.



Here’s a nice elegant style for you to try out. It’s a fancy touch to any outfit.


25.chunky crochet infinity cowl free  pattern

Here’s another chunky style for you to try out if you loved the first.


26.easy crochet scarf free pattern

This style is really unique and looks really cozy!

26. to crochet easy Chevron  cowl free pattern

This scarf features squares of color that will add a nice accent to your look.



This zigzag pattern is very cute and modern, it will look great on you!


29.crochet mountainscowl21

This scarf switches between solid colors and stripes, it’s creative and fun!


30.lacy crochetCowl2tutorial

Wow, check out all these colors. They will make your eyes look amazing.


31.crochet RugbyScarf-small

Here’s a more modest pattern scarf for you to try out.


32.chunky crochet scarf tutorial how to free pattern easy

This style is called a rugby scarf. I love it, and I bet you will too.


This scarf is also a calm style, but it will look great with a patterned top.

34.chunky crochet cluster cowl free pattern
This scarf is so much fun, it’s very cute and you’ll make it look even better.


Here’s a different style, called “chunky cluster”. It’s different and fun.


36.easy crochet cowl free pattern
This is a scarf/shall combination, I love it.

37.Crochet+Scarf+free pattern

This scarf has plenty of patterns to keep you busy, you’ll have a lot of fun making it.


38.infinity simple easy crochet scarf cowl

If you’d prefer a simple style, this scarf is for you.


39.double strand crrochet easy hot_pink_cowl-1 tutorial how to

Here’s a braided style scarf, I really like it.


40.crochet Basic Bulky Cowl beginner tutorial

This scarf is very cute and will rest close to your neck, keeping you toast warm.

40. easy crochet cowl scarf free pattern

The color featured here is very cute and this scarf will keep you looking stylish.


Last but not least, this winter inspired scarf looks great and is a must have.

There are endless scarf possibilities out there for you to find. But once you’ve made your own scarf with you own two hands, you’ll really grow to appreciate what you can do. So even if you’ve never made a scarf before, try it out! You may find a new hobby.

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Tuesday 26th of May 2015

There's another cool infinity scarf pattern over at Expression Fiber Arts. It's self-striping for multi-color yarn. Plus, it's super easy, and really fun! I made one with 4 color repeats and 15 rounds in just 4.5 hours! Find it at for free!


Thursday 22nd of January 2015

Thanks for featuring my Easy Ribbed Infinity Scarf! ~Nicole from Colie's Crochet :D


Thursday 22nd of January 2015

Love your creative work Nicole!