30+free easy crochet stars patterns

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30+free easy crochet stars patterns

free easy Crochet stars patterns

Crocheting can be a very rewarding hobby, especially when you’ve been inspired. We aim to inspire you to start your next project with some teeny tiny crochet stars! Stars are used in all kinds of ways, from looking beautiful to being a sign of things to come. We’ve made a list of all kinds of small star crochet patterns that are absolutely free!

Easy crochet star applique  for beginner on jennyandteddy.

easy crochet star applique

1.how to crochet easy crochet_star


Here’s a really cute star to get you started. This pattern shows you how to crochet a star, and you’ll learn how to love them!

2.beginner crochet a star


If you love the story of the star of Bethlehem, you’ll love this free star crochet pattern.

3.crochet granny square star easy


This is a quick and easy star crochet pattern for beginners, it’s also very cute.

4.Star Christmas Ornament Crochet free Pattern


This is definitely a crochet star ornament pattern. It’s one of my favorites.

5.easy crochet star


This is a really easy pattern for beginners to try out.



I bet you didn’t expect to find sea stars on this list, did you?

7.crohcet-mini-star-free pattern


Beginner star crochet patterns like these are always so fun to make, because they allow you to learn to make stars, but also allow you to be creative.



These stars look like a lot of fun to make, you should definitely try them out.

9.crochet easy  star colour free pattern


You could make a few of these stars and string them together for a decoration. That would be so cute!



I really like the circle pattern within these stars, they add a little extra touch to them and make them stand out!



I bet you can imagine hanging these on your next Christmas tree!

12.crochet tiny small star free pattern


These tiny little stars are sure to capture your heart.

13.small crochet star free crochet pattern


The colors on these stars mixed with that cute outline make this pattern a must try!

14.crochet easy star garland free pattern


Here’s something a little more difficult for you to try if you’ve mastered the beginner phase!

15. crochet stars tutorial


This free star pattern could start you on all kinds of crafts, don’t count this one out!

16.crochet a round star tutorial


Here’s something a little different, 3D stars. You could make your own starry night at home!


I really love this braided pattern star. It will definitely capture your interest!

18.crochet star applique tutorial


This star reminds me of a snowflake, it just looks so delicate.

19.crochet star tutorial amigurumi free pattern


Here is a different 3D style star. This could inspire you to make crochet star pillows!

20.crochet star applique


This lace style star looks really elegant and could add a cute flare to a hat or scarf.

21.crochet mini star free pattern amigurumi.http://www.crochetdynamite.com/2012/07/mini-wishing-stars.html

Aww, just look at these teeny tiny stars! They are so adorable!

22.crochet star applique


This is truly a beginner crochet pattern, but they sure are fun to make.

23.crochet star free pattern


Imagine making a few of these stars and hanging them from your ceiling; then you could look up at the stars in your own home!

24.free crochet star easy pattern


We want to give you a bit of variety, and this pattern is sure to give it to you!

25_point_stars_free crochet pattern


There’s so many different stars here, that you won’t even know where to start!

26.teeny tiny CrochetStar1


This star pattern is full of color and life, you’ll love it.

27.crochet granny stars tutorial


This star has all kinds of patterns and colors that are absolutely beautiful!

28.star-motif-cover crochet


This is a totally different style of star for you if you are really looking for something outside the box.

29.star tutorial crochet beginner project


Here’s another snowy style star for you that could spice up your Christmas decorations.

30.Crochet-Garland-star tutorial


These stars may seem bizarre, but don’t count them out. They have a sense of true character about them.

31. how to Crochet Star Bunting


Add a splash of color your day by making a few of these stars!

32.gapless star applique tutorial free pattern


Or if you’d like something a little more relaxed, try out this pattern!

33.Crochet-Stars-colourful tutorial eassy


Awaken your creative side with these patterned stars!

34. crochet easyTwinkle Star


Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are, or how I could make you.

35.CrochetStars free tutorial


Last but not least, these red, white, and blue stars will be a fun challenge for you.

As you can see, there are all kinds of stars out these in the world. All you need to do now is find the star that suits you the best. Maybe you’d prefer an easy crochet pattern, or maybe you’d prefer a bit more of a challenge. Whatever you prefer, let your creativity shine through the night!

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  1. Wilma mitchell says

    I need pattern for crocheted star for American flag

  2. I crocheted some stars but now she wants them connected.
    How do I crochet them together?

  3. Hi Margee, To connect them together simply crochet a separate chain as long as you like then use yarn needle to attach each on each one of it to the chain , hope this help.

  4. NO she wants them all connected into like a place mat.trying to figure out how to crochet them together.

  5. Darlene Hayden says

    I need a star with different color on each star point and done with crochet cotton any suggestions and I am not a experienced crocheter I usually knit.

  6. I need a pattern for a five point star that is 5″ across for a flag afghan. Please help!

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