How to joining legs amigurumi dolls.

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Sometime,when we make amigurumi dolls.You will often need to join the legs and continuing to make a body.In this tutorial I will show how to do it.

Make sure legs both face the same way.

Hold two pieces together and insert hook into the loop.

Yarn over and continuing crochet around 2 legs.

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  1. I love this technique! Thank you for sharing your patterns and tips!

  2. It’s the best technique to join legs 😀
    I placed a link to your tutorial on my blog 🙂

  3. I really was basically exploring for techniques for my weblog and stumbled upon
    your own blog, “How to joining legs amigurumi dolls.

    ”, do you care in cases where I personally use a handful of of your own concepts?
    Thank you -Katharina
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  4. awesome share 🙂 love these little ami’s you make and love seeing how to make them but I haven’t quite gotten the nerve to try my own yet. I will keep watching you I think because yours are so great! Millie
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