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Jennyandteddy now accept for guest contributors!

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guest post on jennyandteddy

Calling all crochet and crafter, I am so excite to tell you guys that Jennyandteddy now accept  for guest contributors!
Basically,  Jennyandteddy crochet and craft blog open  for guest post that are willing to provide original and unique content crochet related topic.

As you guys know so many wonderful free crochet patterns out there.

So, now I am looking for Round up of free crochet patterns. The good thing about crochet round up post is you ( a guest contributor) can also add your own ( 2 free crochet patterns) to the round up post as well.

Here the example of round up that you might like to look.

20+ free and easy crochet headband patterns.

What you will get for writing original and exclusive content for Jennyandteddy crochet and crafts blog:

-Your Guest Post will be promoted to all of my social media follower and in my newsletter subscribers.

-you will have the great opportunity to share your creative content directly on my blog and potential reaching to  new reader.

Wonder why I am offer this opportunity:

I love  to share creative content from crochet designer and crafter with my readers and I think they love it too!
I love to help other designer and blogger to get notice online.
It would be a great opportunity for me to working with other crochet blogger and designers.
I would love to  have time to create new design or catch up with social media and family thing.

What I am looking for:
•1 Guest Post of  round up free crochet pattern (a one-time  or continue)
Are you guys ready to submit your guest post idea? please fill out my sign up form: Sign up here or simply just email me at [email protected]
I am looking forward to hear from you and so excite to working with you soon!

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Lilia Vanini

Sunday 25th of September 2016

Hi, I will be interested on guest posting, can you please contact me, as I´m new on this, to organize better and get more details Thank you so much Lilia / Liliacraftparty