Happy 2013 and Big sale!

Happy  2013 everyone!

I wish you all a happy, amazing and successful year and I just want to thanks for your kind, your support and thanks for be part of this blog and all the good things that happened to me it’s also because of you, so Lots of THANKS  Big hug!

Now it’s time for great Big pattterns sale all patterns 1.99 each! at craftsy shop only.



6 easy ways to monetize your (craft) blog

 You have a blog, right? Of course you do, in your blog you like to talk and share about your passions or your creative art work because it’s very important to you. If you are considerate to monetize your blog to make extra money blogging, don’t be so shy about it. You deserve it to find out what you can do when you make your blog work for you!


  • How? The first step to making off of your blog is knows how to do it. There are a several ways! Here we go.

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Great gift idea for parents

Looking for great holiday gift for your parent within the budget? I do.

gift idea for grandparent

I love my mom and dad, but we live far away from each other. They are in Thailand, I am in New Zealand but our heart so close together.

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monetize your craft blog

Hi guys!

I have recently been experimenting with monetizing my craft blog and wanted to share with you some of the programs I have found so far that work for me other than adsense.

how to monetizing your craft blog

Speaking of wish about adsense. Oh! Don’t get me wrong, That I don’t dislike them or anything. I love adsens, however, my blog which focuses mainly focus on crafts project especially, crochet in particular ,has very specific traffic. That’s why I start to look for some alternative way. So I am researching to an affiliate network and found a great one!   [Read more…]


Tophatter: auction review for selling your crafts online

Tophatter review: As you hear I mention a little bit about selling your crafts on Tophatter Auction in 14 etsy alternative market places. So here we will go for some detail and little review  from my opinion.


What is TopHatter?

 TopHatter is an online auction site for handmade items such as jewelry, accessories, home decor, vintage, and crafts of almost any type.

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7 tips: how to hosting a blog giveaway for your etsy shop

So, we want to hosting a blog giveaway ? and a plus  to get our Etsy shop, blog or small business some much-needed exposure,but you aren’t sure where to start? With the power of giveaway, of course! I do love love to hosting giveaway on my favorite blog or my own blog.


Image byMulberry24

All most everyone loves free stuff, and if your products are great (which I know they are), the winner will most likely become a loyal customer for life. In the meantime, hundreds – if not thousands – of new potential customers will see your products when they never would have before! Here some tips that I would love to shared.

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Let’s celebrate!

Howdy everyone! We are almost to 1000 patterns sale on etsy! This is so amazing to think that all of my design and hardwork have made their way to this far. Thank you to each and everyone of you who has been a very supportive and kindness–it means the world to me!

So Let’s celebrate! We are having a Big sale for 48 hour at jennyandteddy shop on craftsy all patterns are 0.99 cent each.

Happy crocheting!


How to add braids to an earflaps crochet hat

Crochet earflap hats are one of the popular hats that you will find in the most of the design. Adding braids to the beanie will give a new look and spice up your hat. It’s a basic method for some of you that might start out to crochet hat. So let’s see how can we do it in an easy peasy way. [Read more…]


Crochet fan of the week #1

Hello, Hello! 

 I’m excited to share with you guys that I got very lovely emails from people who crochet amigurumi or hat form jennyandteddy patterns.

So today I featured some of my favorite project.









Sammy from Southern Alberta, Canada who spent most of her day with her two beautiful little girls with alot of crafts. 

 She enjoyed crochet  cute stuff animal and more.










 Amy at amysdelights  I love how she pick the colour for her teddy bear dress.









 Kathleen at slothmuffin Make is cute and fluffy purple bear with little flower.









Michelle at msmathey Made this cute little girl Kate for her beautiful daughter.

I love how she put little hairpin on the doll and overall turnout super cute!!










Gail at stitchnfrog Did a great job for crocheting this little cutie.

 I love how she pick the colour combination and they turnout very cute as well.



The power of giveaway

Hi guys, It’s Jane here. Today I am so excited to talking about ” The power of giveaway”.

Let’s get start!

When you’re opening up shop, it’s good to know what will make your customers happy. It’s best to know what will keep them returning to your business. No business thrives without return customers. It’s important for us to know and understand this.


How many people like free stuff? Well, maybe the real question is, “who doesn’t like to get free stuff?” The reality is… everybody loves getting something for free, and if you can remember this when promoting your business to make sales, you can spur the selling process. Why is that giving something away for free actually helps your business sell more products? There are several reason for it. [Read more…]