Beginner summer crochet top free pattern

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Hello, February!, Hope everyone having a great month^^. I made this summer crochet top with the beginner in mind.

I want to make this simple summer crochet top tee to be as simple and easy as possible, that everyone can whip up in a flash!

This summer super simply crochet top could be easy to mixed and match with any jean or skirt, imagine that a boho beach style with jean short or a high waist short skirt would be very cute to match up.

you guy will have fun wearing this cute top.

So I have some white shade of 100% cotton yarn leftover and here they are the beginner perfect summer crochet top tee I support.

They are made from just 2 pieces of rectangles with mostly double crochet stitch. I used small crochet hook size 3.o mm so the garment is dense and the result when I finished it and I think I can wear it without have to wear a slipper underneath. yeah!

Let’s get start!

– I used Lion brand 24/7 cotton yarn weight 4 aran. I use around 700-800 yard.

– 3 mm crochet hook

Sewing yarn needle

-stitch marker

Gauge: 4 double crochet stitch x 4 row  = 1 inch

Skill and abbreviations

You will need to know how to make (American crochet term)

-dc which mean double crochet

-sc which mean single crochet

-ch Chain

-slip knot

This pattern is made for beginners!  There is a basic skill level required to make.

If you don’t understand any technical crochet words, don’t worry I got you cover!

Here is a video titled ‘free crochet class on craftsy‘ and a free pdf file titled ‘the beginner’s guide to crochet‘. These will explain a lot for you.

beginner summer top

Get the free pattern below or this pattern is also available as an inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable instant download  in my etsy shop. Thank you so much for your love and support. I am really appreciate you.

Finished Size Approximately: XS-4XL easy to adjust

 This top is made in size xs to small. the other sizes are easy to adjust by  just add more row to make it wider . see pattern detail below for bigger size.

For me the model wearing this piece, I am 4’9 feet tall.

PS. as you can see the middle part, that I finished is not  perfect! But I did not bother to redo it again , I am just go with the flow lol. So no worry,  the result will be beautiful!


of one rectangle. (middle section)

-18 inches long

-12 inches wide

Pick up crochet hook size 3 mm and Start of by making a slip knot Then make 52 chains ( size xs to small)  (foundation chain in even number)

Size xs to small  52 chains

Size medium  62 chains

Size large  72 chains

Size XL  82 chains

Size 2XL 92 chains

Size 3XL  102 chains

Size 4XL  112 chains

Row1: make 1dc in the next chain from hook and across until the end of the row, ch2 turn.

Row2. now you will work 1dc  in each stitch across until end of the row. ch2 turn.

Repeat row 2 until  you get 18 inch long. or your desired length.

After you finished the middle section then sc along the edge of the center part for 1 row. Start one side at a time.

Row1. of side edge. sc along the edge  of the middle part until the end of the row, then ch 1 and turn.

Row2. of side edge. * sc in first st , then 2sc in next st* repeat this * to * until the end of the row, then ch 2 and turn.

Row3. of side edge. dc in same st * dc in next st , ch1, skip 1 st then dc in next st* repeat this * to * until the end of the row, then ch 2 and turn.

Row4. of side edge. dc in same st * dc in chain space, ch1, skip 1 st then dc in next chain space* repeat this * to * until the end of the row, then ch 2 and turn.

Row5 and beyond. repeat row4 until you get your desired length.

Repeat the same on the other side of the edge.

After you got 2 piece of rectangles front and back panel.

Again. as you can see the two rectangle, that I finished is not  perfect exactly match! But I did not bother to redo it again , I am just go with the flow lol. So no worry,  the result will be beautiful!


After we have 2 piece of rectangle now it’s time to assembly.

Lay front panel on top of back panel and use yarn needle to sewing the side and leave space for the arm hole.

For the shoulder sew about 3-4 inches.

All done!

Hope you guy like your new crochet summer top boho style!

If you make one I would love to see your creation tag me on Instagram! 
Happy crocheting.

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  1. I would like the pattern for this top, but not all the pictures. It takes too much ink to print all the pictures. I just want the instructions. Is it possible to get them without the pictures?

  2. I had print friendly version under the post you can print out.

  3. How must would I have to adjust the pattern if I use Lion Brand Comfy Cotton? It’s a light 3 weight.

  4. Hi carol, if you use cotton light 3 weight I suggest hold them double while crochet that would be fine.

  5. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Does anyone sell these? Im not a chrochet’r but want to buy 1 for my wife?

  7. Hi Mike, you could go on etsy there are some shop do custom made.

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